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Dinkum - Bulletin Board - Alpha Hunts

March 30, 2023

The Bulletin Board can be added to your Island in Dinkum by using a Bulletin Board Land Deed. The Bulletin Board will periodically give you random tasks to complete that offer special rewards and help progress your relationships.

The Bulletin Board is also extremely useful for hunting Alpha animals; these are some of the strongest enemies in the game and they drop rare items such as Prime Meat and Alpha materials used for crafting the best weapons.

How To Get A Bulletin Board

You can get a Bulletin Board by speaking to Fletch. Navigate to the land deeds (make sure your Island is not in debt) and you'll be able to select the Bulletin Board Land Deed.

Bulletin Board Deed

It costs just 10,000 Dinks and requires just two oak planks and 1 nail.

Once you have the deed in your Inventory, place it anywhere on your Island to start receiving tasks.

Bulletin Board Tasks

New Task

The Bulletin Board is used by villagers on your Island to post tasks to.

Each day there is a random chance you'll get 1-2 random tasks added to your Bulletin Board. You'll notice you have a new task because the Bulletin Board will have a shiny glowing sticker attached to it's face.

A task usually consists of performing an action and then going to speak to the required villager to turn in the task (the same way you would doing a normal NPC task).

You can accept as many tasks as you like but you'll need to complete the task within the time limit otherwise you'll fail it.

Complete tasks increases friendship levels.

Each completed task also rewards 100 Permit Points.

Task Type Reward Notes
Hunting Dinks Hunt down Alpha animals, their location is marked on the map: Alpha Croco, Alpha Bush Devil, Alpha Jackaroo
Capture Dinks Capture an animal for Dinks.
Trade Clothing Trade one piece of clothing for another.
Photo Dinks Take a photo of someone.
Compost Fertilizer Bring back x amount of items.
Satellite Materials A satellite crashes down onto your Island and you need to go find it. It is located with a ? on your map. Smash it once you've found it.
Crafting Dinks Craft items and deliver them.

Alpha Animals In Dinkum

Alpha Animals are strong versions of animals that can be found on your Island. When you accept a Hunting task from your Bulletin Board, the Alpha animal will be located on your map for you to find easily.

Alpha Animals drop rare items used for crafting the best weapons from Ted Selly.

Alpha Croco

Alpha Croco

Alpha Croco is about three times as big as a normal Croco. When attacked, Alpha Croco can summon a giant rocky attack that splits out from all sides of him; it's quite easy to dodge by watching the animation.

You can set Alpha Croco on fire with the Flaming Bat.

Alpha Croco drops Alpha Scales.

Alpha Bush Devil

Alpha Bush Devil

Alpha Bush Devil will chase you down and fire three fireballs at you as it's regular attack. Getting hit by one will cause you to take 1 HP damage every second, so try to be near the ocean when you take this down.

It also cannot be set on fire, so you'll be better off using either the Iron Spear or Battle Spade.

Alpha Bush Devil drops Alpha Eye.

Alpha Jackaroo

Alpha Jackaroo

Alpha Jackaroo is quite easy to take down. Whenever you see it about to attack you with it's front legs, if you strike it you'll deal more damage.

Just watch out for the Jackaroo's Slam Jump, as this creates an AOE effect all around it that will damage you if you get struck.

Alpha Jackaroo drops Alpha Antler.

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