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Dinkum - Ted Selly - How To Find, Gear and Location

Dinkum - Ted Selly - How To Find, Gear and Location

calendar_todayPosted on 3rd August 2022

Ted Selly is a special Island Visitor in Dinkum that will randomly visit your Island. Unlike other visitors, he does not appear in your Visiting Tent. Instead, he will appear randomly in the wilderness- anywhere on your Island!

Ted Selly also cannot be made a permanent visitor, so there are no Daily Tasks for you to complete.

Ted Selly will purchase any items you've gotten from Hunting wild animals for a premium price (50% more!)

He will also craft you some of the strongest items in the game.

How To Find Ted Selly

Ted Selly is hard to find due to the fact that he spawns randomly on your Island- anywhere! However, there are a few ways to maximize your chances of coming across him.

When Ted Selly is within your immediate vision, you will hear a long whistle sound to signify he is nearby. You can hear this Whistle even if you're in the air.

How To Find Ted Selly

Ted Selly can visit every day and will only be available after 12:00PM (noon). However, this doesn't mean he will actually visit every day as the chance of him spawning is pretty low!

Your best bet is to save up for the Helicopter vehicle from Franklyn and use that to scout for Ted Selly. This is an expensive way of finding Ted Selly though, as the Helicopter costs 3,000,000 Dinks!

When you do eventually find him, it is best to have the materials already on hand for what you want to craft as you may not find him again! Place a marker on your map so you can come back to him.

Ted Selly Hunting Gear

Below is a list of items Ted Selly can craft you and the required materials.

Item Materials Stats Notes
Battle Shovel
Battle Shovel
  • 150,000 Dinks
  • 1x Shovel
  • 2x Spinifex Resin
  • 8x Crocodile Tooth
  • 4x Copper Bar
  • 16 Attack
Bone Bow
Bone Bow
  • 240,000 Dinks
  • 1x Slingshot
  • 20x Bone
  • 2x Iron Bar
  • 2x Copper Bar
  • 15 Attack
Requires Bone Arrows to shoot.
Bone Arrow
Bone Arrow
  • 500 Dinks
Berley Box
Croco Berley Box
  • 2,000 Dinks
Berley Box
Devil Berley Box
  • 2,400 Dinks
Berley Box
Shark Berley Box
  • 2,200 Dinks


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