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Dinkum - Deep Mines Guide

March 30, 2023

The Deep Mines is an area in Dinkum that you can access to find lots of rare ores, Iron Ore and make plenty of money/dinks. This guide will give an overview of what you can find in the Deep Mines, how to unlock it and other tips and tricks!

How To Unlock The Deep Mines

In order to access the Deep Mines, you first need to have Level 2 Mining Licence.

Deep Mining Licence

This will then unlock the Deep Mining Licence that you can purchase for 3,500 Permit Points. This will then unlock the Mine Deed that you can apply for from Fletch.

Deep Mine Land Deed

The Mine Deed will put your Island into 250,000 Dinks Debt and requires the following materials:

  • 10x Bag Of Cement
  • 10x Old Cog
  • 1x Old Contraption
  • 2x Old Key
  • 5x Tin Ore
  • 5x Copper Ore

Mine Pass

Once you have constructed the Mine Elevator, you will then need to purchase a Mine Pass from John's Goods, which costs 25,000 Dinks.

This pass is a one-time-use, so you will need to purchase another one each time you head into the mines.

Surviving The Deep Mines

The Deep Mines

The Deep Mines is a huge labyrinth that has very little lighting and lots of enemies hidden around. Each time you arrive in the Deep Mines, your map is completely obscured and reset every time you leave.

Cooked Croco Meat

You'll find plenty of enemies here and so you'll want to maximize your health and stamina bars. You can eat certain fruits and meats to increase your bars; the best is Cooked Crocodile Meat as this will increase your health by +25 and stamina by +10.

You'll also want to make sure your carry a Torch, which can be purchased from John for 6,000 Dinks. When active, this will light up your immediate surroundings and is vital to getting around The Deep Mines.

Deep Mines

When fighting, you'll obviously want some strong weapons. At a minimum you want Copper strength weapons, but if you've unlocked them, the Iron Spear and Flaming Bat are great.

It is also a good idea to take some Wooden Torch's with you and place them on the ground when you get ambushed to help you see better.


You will come across Bats very often in the Deep Mines and they are very annoying. They will follow you for a long time and are hard to hit; luckily one swipe from a normal Spear should be enough to take them out. If you have unlocked the Flaming Bat, this weapon is great at taking them out as you can jump and hit them as they are flying around you.

If you die in the Deep Mines, you will return to the Elevator Shaft where you can heal up and go again (or return back to the surface).

You cannot sleep in the Deep Mines or the Elevator with your Sleeping Bag. You also cannot drop loot inside the Elevator apart from rare Gemstones.

What can you find in the Deep Mines

The Deep Mine is host to lots of treasure that can make you RICH in Dinkum. The cost of going down into the mines in 25K, but you should be able to make that back and more after each visit.

The Glowing Mushrooms are not worth much so it's best to leave them in place for extra light.

Old Rusty Car


Keep an eye out for old rusty cars; these are like Metal Barrels and can drop lots and lots of materials when you destroy them with your Pickaxe. You can also find Bins buried in the ground that also give you the same loot.

Iron Ore

You'll also find plenty of Tin, Copper and Iron Ore down here, so make sure you bring your Iron Pickaxe for farming. This is the best area in the game for mining.


Ruby John

You might also come across Rubys, which are hidden inside rocks. You will have to carry these to the Elevator Shaft and place them there until you're ready to go back up.

You can sell Rubys to John by placing them on the scales in his shop. You can earn anywhere from 30,000-80,0000 Dinks per Ruby!

Deep Mine Treasure Chests

Deep Mines Temple

Each time you enter the Deep Mines, the map is completely remade. And every time it is remade, there are several stone temples put in that you can unlock using an Old Key.

Old Key can be found from Metal Barrels, Metal Cars and Dustbins. You need two Old Keys to enter a Stone Temple.

Treasure Chest

Inside a Stone Temple, you'll find a single Treasure Chest. These Treasure Chests hold all sorts of items. Check out the table below for a list.

Item Type
Iron Bar Crafting Material
Copper Bar Crafting Material
Fertilizer Farming Material
Copper Spear Weapon
Iron Hammer Weapon
Flaming Bat Weapon
Slingshot Weapon
Guitar Musical Instrument
Paint Decorative Item
Circuit Board Crafting Material
Old Contraption Crafting Material
Opal Rare Gem
Boogie Board Swimming

How To Unlock The Deeper Deep Mines

Following the Spring Update in Dinkum, you can now go even deeper into the Deep Mines.

Ruby Shard

To get to the Deeper Deep Mines, you must acquire 4x Ruby Shards. Ruby Shards can be obtained by using your Pickaxe on a Ruby Gem you find in the Deep Mines. Smashing a Ruby can give up to 3 pieces of Ruby Shards.

You can also find Ruby Gems inside Locked Treasure Rooms in the Deep Mines.

Deeper Mines

Once you have four Ruby Shards, head to the Deep Mine's Elevator Shaft and place the four Ruby Shards into the Elevator's control panel. This will allow you to now take the elevator down deeper into the Deeper Deep Mines.

The Deeper Deep Mines is similar to the Deep Mines; it is procedurally generated each time you visit and the place is covered in darkness.


However, there are some new strong monsters that you'll have to deal with. You can stun them by flashing your flashlight at them.

You can also find new Emeralds in rocks, which are similar to Rubys and can sell for a nice profit.

Treasure Rooms

The new Treasure Rooms in these mines still require Old Key items to unlock, so make sure you take plenty in. Inside you're likely to find Pods that spawn Grub mobs. Take out the pods as soon as possible as they will continuously spawn the grubs.

Top Tip: You'll want to have some strong weapons when entering the Deeper Deep Mines. We recommend the Alpha Hammer as it has a shockwave attack that can easily wipe out the annoying Grubs that spawn in Treasure Rooms.

Treasure Rewards

Rewards Type Notes
Candle Hat Wearable Gives unlimited illumination
Blueprint Usable Gives a random craftable item
Mighty Seeds Seed Grows something mysterious
Berkonium Ore Material Used for Franklyn's Lab
Iron Spear Weapon  
Iron Axe Tool  
Advanced Slingshot Weapon  
Old Key Usable Unlocks doors in the Mines
Paint Decoration  
Frilly Statue Decoration  
Croco Statue Decoration  
Old Spring Material  
Mu Saddle ? ?
Sprinkler Farming Equipment  
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