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Dinkum - Rayne - Plant Shop - All Tasks, Items and Friendship Level

August 12, 2022

When Rayne visits your Island, you can buy tools to start creating your very own farm on Dinkum. Rayne offers you the vital Hoe Tool, which allows you to make ground soft enough to plant seeds.

Rayne will also visit with a variety of different seeds for you to plant each day. They are randomly selected.

When you get to two full hearts of friendship, Rayne will give you her Plant Book.

Rayne Daily Tasks

You can complete one Task for Rayne each day to increase your friendship level. Daily Tasks increase a heart by 25%.

Below is a list of tasks Rayne can ask you and the rewards you can get.

You must complete the task the same day you're given it.

Task Reward Notes
Feed her something
  • Cheese Maker Recipe
  • Warm Nordic Bookshelf
  • Garden Light Recipe
Likes Fruit
Purchase items from you
  • Dinks
Sell you clothing items
  • Black Boots
  • Overall Dress
  • Red Shorts

Rayne Plant Shop Deed

Friendship Level Required: Half Heart Heart Icon Heart Icon Heart Icon Heart Icon

Shop Times: 11am-5pm, shut Friday.

Dinkum Plant Shop Deed

By making friends with Rayne and spending 18,000 Dinks in her shop, she will want to come and move on your Island permanently and offer you her Plant Shop Deed that you can apply for by talking to Fletch.

The Plant Shop Deed will be your Island 200,000 Dinks in Debt.

Materials Required:

  • 10x Bag Of Cement
  • 10x Quartz Crystal
  • 5x Tin Sheet
  • 4x Copper Bar
  • 4x Tin Bar
  • 10x Stone

A Bag Of Cement can be obtained by using a Rock Grinder (purchased from John) and inserting Stone.

Rayne Shop Items

When Rayne visits your Island, she can sell you the following items:

Item Dinks Season Produce Days Notes
Hoe Tool
800 Dinks -    
  • Allows you to make the ground dug to plant seeds
Watering Can
Watering Can
10,000 Dinks -    
  • Allows you to water your plants. Can be refilled by standing in shallow water.
Sugar Cane Seeds
Sugar Cane Seeds
400 Dinks All year 1 12  
Watermelon Seeds
Watermelon Seeds
770 Dinks Summer 1 1  
Onion Seeds
Onion Seeds
540 Dinks Spring, Summer 3 7  
Wheat Seeds
Wheat Seeds
360 Dinks All Year 3 9  
Tomato Seeds
Tomato Seeds
1,620 Dinks Summer, Autumn 3 11
  • Requires a plant stake
Green Bean Seeds
Green Bean Seeds
1,360 Dinks Spring, Summer 3 11
  • Requires a plant stake
Pumpkin Seeds
Pumpkin Seeds
780 Dinks Autumn 1 11  
Kale Seeds
Kale Seeds
760 Dinks Winter 1 6  
Carrot Seeds
Carrot Seeds
570 Dinks Winter 3 7  
Potato Seeds
Potato Seeds
640 Dinks Spring 3 10
Cabbage Seeds
700 Dinks Autumn 1 8  
Corn Seeds
Corn Seeds
1,100 Autumn,Winter 2 11  


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