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Dinkum - How To Earn Permit Points

August 19, 2022

In Dinkum, Permit Points are a type of currency you can use to buy Licences and special items sold by NPCs. This guide will look at all the best methods you can use to grind out Permit Points.

In the beginning of Dinkum, Permit Points are something you don't have to worry about as you end up earning them passively through Milestones and Daily Milestones. However, once you get to end-game, the price of Licences skyrocket and you're going to need thousands and thousands of Permit Points to unlock everything.

And there are also items that cost Permit Points, such as the ones sold by Jimmy (20,000 Permit Points for the Golden Pocket Watch!). It's safe to say, you're going to need to grind out those Permit Points.

Below are all the methods we've used to earn Permit Points in Dinkum. Let us know in the comments below if you have any other methods.

Daily Milestones

Daily Dinkum Milestones

One of the best ways to earn Permit Points is to complete your Daily Milestones. This method requires skipping lots of days in order to generate the best Daily Milestones.

Each day you will get three random Daily Milestones. Most of these Daily Milestones don't give many Permit Points, however, there are a few which give lots and you can just skip days where you don't get any of these.

The best part about these Daily Milestones is that they take no time to complete. Check out the table below for a list of good Daily Milestones.

Task How To Complete Permit Points Reward
Make 2000 Dinks Sell items to John 200 PP
Make 3000 Dinks Sell items to John 300 PP
Make 4000 Dinks Sell items to John 400 PP
Make 5000 Dinks Sell items to John 500 PP
Make 6000 Dinks Sell items to John 600 PP
Spend 1000 Dink Spend your Dinks 100 PP
Spend 2000 Dink Spend your Dinks 200 PP
Spend 3000 Dink Spend your Dinks 300 PP
Spend 4000 Dink Spend your Dinks 400 PP

Sometimes you can even get both a Spend and Make Daily Task, allowing you to really rack up those Permit Points!


Milestones are easy to make Permit Points from as they passively complete as you tend to your Island and perform tasks. However, there are some Milestones worth taking note of than others if you want to boost your Permit Points.

If you have made a lot of Dinks (if not, check out our How to make money guide) you can deposit them into your Bank. For each Million you deposit, you'll earn 3,000 Permit Points! This milestone is capped at 10,000,000 Dinks, which means you can earn a total of 30,000 Permit Points from it!

Aside from that, you can also earn 250 Permit Points for each visitor you get to move in and also 750 Points for upgrading your Base Tent to a House.

Donate To The Museum

This one isn't as lucrative as the other methods, but for each Fish and Bug you donate to your Museum, you get 100 Permit Points.

Check out our Fishing Guide for a list of all Fish.

Convert Dinks To Permit Points


Once you unlock the Bank, there is an option you can access by speaking to Milburn that will allow you to convert Dinks to Permit Points.

If you have a good money making method, this essentially allows you to get as many Permit Points as you need.

The conversion rate is a little stingy, however.

You'll need 1,000,000 Dinks for 2,000 Permit Points.

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