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Dinkum - How To Make Money - One Million Dinks

August 17, 2022

This guide will teach you how to make money in Dinkum using some easy techniques that can be used at the beginning of the game, middle game and end-game.

In Dinkum having lots of Dinks will make your life easier when it comes to purchasing the best tools, vehicles and items in the game.

Every item you farm can be sold to NPC John and there are various items in the game that are worth more than others. This guide will look at the best techniques that allow you to make millions of Dinks.

You can also purchase a special Commerce Licence that gives you 5%,10% and 15% extra Dinks when selling them.

If you have a method that you'd like to share, use the comment section below this post.

Cooking Meat

Hunting Meat

One of the best methods in Dinkum to make money is to hunt the animals on your Island for Meat. An animal can drop up to 3 pieces of Meat at a time and there is an unlimited resource of them.

Most enemies can be killed with just the basic weapons, so this method is decent for early game. We recommend using the Spear weapon, as it is fast and allows you to attack from range.

As you hunt for meat, you'll learn you can easily dodge most enemy attacks by waiting for the right moment. Some enemies also get "stunned", allowing you to get several hits in.

Dinkum Cook Meat

Once you have your Meat, you'll want to cook it. This will increase the price you can sell it for, so it's well worth taking the time to do so. If you craft 10 or so campfires, that means you can cook 10 pieces of Meat at a time and they take less than 20 seconds to cook fully.

Once you have a healthy stack, go and sell them to John.

Note: Hunting Crocodile will also yield Crocodile Tooth, which sell for 3,650 Dinks each!

Below is a table of meat in the game and their prices.

Item Sells For Sells For Cooked Dropped By
400 Dinks 800 Dinks Kangaroo, Wolves, Hedgehog, Boars
Croco Meat
Croco Meat
625 Dinks 1,750 Dinks Crocodile
Raw Drumstick
Raw Drumstick
350 Dinks 700 Dinks Chickens
Giant Raw Drumstick
Giant Raw Drumstick
500 Dinks 1,500 Dinks Dodo Birds
950 Dinks 1,900 Dinks Shark

Metal Detecting

Some of the most valuable resources come from Metal Barrels. These Metal Barrels can be found all over your Island, sometimes buried in the earth and other times just simply randomly spawning out in the open.

When you destroy a Metal Barrel, you'll get several items that you can sell for a profit. Some of these items are really expensive and sell for loads.

You can also find Shiny Discs, which when given to Franklyn will give you 7,700 Dinks per Shiny Disc and give you new crafting options!

Metal Detecting

To find more Metal Barrels, you should purchase a Metal Detector from John's Goods shop for 6,000 Dinks. You'll also need the Metal Detecting Licence.

You can then use this device to find buried treasure all over your Island. Try searching near shores and edges of rivers for plenty of loot.

Check out the table below for the price of the items you can get from Metal Barrels.

You can also find these materials from Metal Cars and Buried Bins in the Deep Mines.

You should hold onto any Old Keys you find as they can be used to loot treasure down in the Deep Mines.

Item Sells For
Old Gear
Old Gear
Smooth Slate
Smooth Slate
Tin Sheet
Tin Sheet
Old Contraption
Old Contraption
Sliding Handle
Sliding Handle
Old Wheel
Old Wheel
Button Board
Button Board
Bright Wire
Bright Wire
Dinkum Old Spring
Old Spring
Hot Cylinder
Hot Cylinder
Green Board
Green Board
Old Toy
Old Toy
Old Key
Old Key

Farming Fruit - Orchard Method

Probably one of the most broken ways in Dinkum to make money is to create your own Orchard by planting fruit. This can be done at any stage of the game, including right at the beginning, and you can make millions of Dinks depending on how far you want to go.

Planting a fruit will cause it to grow into a tree, where it will then bear more Fruit that you can harvest. You don't have to water them and they will constantly keep bearing new fruit over a week-long period. All you need to do is spam next day and you'll have more fruit to pick.

The plan then, is to bury hundreds of fruits so they grow into hundreds of trees. You'll then get hundreds, if not thousands, of fruits every week or so. Sell them all to John and you can easily rack up a million Dinks.

There are some tools you can use to help you with this method. First, you'll obviously need a Shovel to bury the Fruit. You'll need to dig a hole, drop a single fruit into the hole, and then cover it with soil. Your Shovel can carry the soil it's dug, so you can rebury it with the same soil you dig out, making it super fast to plant trees.

If you want to make a huge Orchard, considering buying Axes cut down trees and your Pickaxe for taking out rocks.

You can also buy the Compactor for leveling the ground from Franklyn. This will make your ground a lot smoother and a lot easier to plant trees.

Banana Orchard Farm

There are several types of Fruit in Dinkum you can plant, but the best type of fruit to plant is a Banana. It drops in bunches of 2 and sells for 248 Dinks each. Other fruits may drop more, but they sell for way less than the Banana.

Check out our Orchard of Bananas below; every week this nets 100K Dinks. It takes a couple of hours to get the setup, but once done, you'll have a never-ending supply of Dinks!

Farming Bread Method

Bread is one of the best items to sell as it goes for 6,300 Dinks each and all it requires is 3 Flour items to craft.

This method requires a bit of a setup in order to get it produce you enough Bread with little effort, but once it is setup, you can continue to reap the benefits after. There is a video below of us earning over 3,500,000 Dinks in one session!

Whilst you can do this method with just the basic tools, it's a lot more productive to have the following requirements:

  • Farming Licence Level 3
  • Irrigation Licence Level 2
  • Agriculture Vehicle Licence Level 3

We'll break down each part of making bread below.

Step 1 - Plant Wheat

Dinkum Farming

You can buy Wheat Seeds from Rayne and they can be planted any time of the year. They'll take around 9 days to fully grow and you'll have to harvest them once ready.

In order for a seed to grow, it needs to have been watered. Some days it will rain and automatically water your plants. However, a better method is to unlock the Irrigation Licence Level 2 and craft Advanced Sprinklers to automatically water your seeds for you all the time.

To get Irrigation Licence, you need to reach level 20 in Farming and purchase the Farming Licence Level 3.

You can then build out a field of crops that is automatically watered for you.

Step 2 - Turn Wheat Into Flour,

Once you harvest your Wheat, you can then turn it into Flour using a Grain Mill. You'll want to craft 10 or so of these so that you can quickly turn your Wheat into Flower. The more Grain Mills the better- you can also build a Windmill to speed up production or just start the next day for instant production.

Once you have your Flour, head to a Cooking Table and craft Bread. This can be a bit tedious as you can only craft 1 bread at a time and this method requires 50 Bread minimum.

Step 3 - Sell Bread To Jimmy

Jimy Boat

Jimmy is a special NPC that visits your Island when it rains. You must have 1,000,000 Dinks in your Bank also.

On rainy day, check your map and you'll see a special ? icon, which is where Jimmy is located.

Jimmy will buy your items off you for 50% more than John will but he requires you to have at least 50 of the item.

Sell your bread to him in bulk and reap the rewards!

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