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Dinkum - Sally - All Tasks, Items and Friendship

Dinkum - Sally - All Tasks, Items and Friendship

calendar_todayPosted on 3rd August 2022

When Sally visits your Island in Dinkum, she can offer to change your hairstyle and hair color for a flat fee of 5,000 Dinks.

Sally Hairdressing Deed

Currently, Sally cannot move into your Island. This may be possible in a future update.

Sally Daily Tasks

You can complete one Task for Sally each day to increase your friendship level. Daily Tasks increase a heart by 25%.

Below is a list of tasks Sally can ask you and the rewards you can get.

You must complete the task the same day you're given it.

Task Reward Notes
Bring her 6 Gum Wood Planks
  • Palm Wood Bench Recipe
Bring her Cooked Croc Meat
  • Dark Wooden Cabinet
Bring her 5 Gum Wood Planks
  • Dinks
Bring her a Blue Moon Butterfly
  • Pirate Hat
Bring her 4 Gum Wood Planks
  • Eastern Table Recipe
Catch a Fly
  • Pirate Coat
Buy Clothes
  • Cargo Pants
  • Blue Striped Shirt
Give her a Cooked Apple
  • Dark Wooden Single Bed
Buy items from you
  • Dinks

Sally Deed


Sally Hairstyle Options

Here are all the Hairstyle options Sally offers. It costs 5,000 Dinks to change your Hair.


Sally Hairstyle Colors

Here are all the Hair Color options Sally Offers. It costs 5,000 Dinks to change your Hair Color.



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