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Dinkum - Fletch - All Tasks, Items and Friendship Level

July 26, 2022

Fletch is looking for recruits to help him make his Island prosper and he just so happens to find you in South City. You snatch up his offer and suddenly your very own Dinkum Island is ready for you to explore.

Fletch acts as your central point of authority in the Dinkum game, providing you with Tasks, Licences and Land Deeds. You can also befriend Fletch by completing Daily Tasks.


Fletch allows you to purchase different Dinkum Licences that upgrade your tools, give you new recipes and other improvements.

Licences cost Permit Points, and you can obtain these by completing Milestones, donating to your Museum and other methods.

Land Deeds

Land Deeds allow you to build brand new permanent buildings on your Island. Most of them can only be used once and they put your Island into Debt once purchased. You will have to pay off any Debt by visiting the Donation Box in the Base Tent in order to purchase any new Land Deeds.

Land Deeds are activated by making friends with visitors to your Island. Each Visitor has a different requirement that you need to meet in order for them to give you their Land Deeds.

Upgrading To Town Hall

Town Hall Requirements

You can get Fletch to upgrade the Base Tent to a Town Hall by recruiting 5 Permanent Residents to your Island.

You need the following Materials to upgrade to Town Hall:

  • 15x Gum Wood Plank
  • 15x Palm Wood Plank
  • 4x Quartz Bar
  • 4x Copper Bar
  • 4x Tin Sheet
  • 32x Nails

Fletch Daily Tasks

You can complete one Task for Fletch each day to increase your friendship level. Daily Tasks increase a heart by 25%.

Below is a list of tasks Fletch can ask you and the rewards you can get.

You must complete the task the same day you're given it.

Task Reward Notes
Bring him 2 Gum Logs
  • Black Pants
Catch a Bluefish using your Fishing Rod
  • Pink Off Shoulder
Purchase items from your Inventory
  • Dinks
Bring him 2 Copper Bar
  • Chef Jacket
Bring him 6 Palm Wood Logs
  • Dinks
Catch a Blue Moon Butterfly
  • Iron Cement Fence Recipe
Purchase clothing items from him
  • Sun Hat
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