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Dinkum - Clover - Clothing Shop - All Tasks, Items and Friendship

August 9, 2022

Clover will visit your Island in Dinkum and offer you various clothes that you can purchase. She normally brings a selection you can instantly purchase or you can order some from her catalog.

Once you get your friendship level to 1 full heart, Clover will allow you to purchase the Clothing Shop Deed for your Island.

Clover Daily Tasks

You can complete one Task for Clover each day to increase your friendship level. Daily Tasks increase a heart by 25%.

Below is a list of tasks Clover can ask you and the rewards you can get.

You must complete the task the same day you're given it.

Task Reward Notes
Buy items from your Inventory
  • Dinks
Something to eat
  • Green Flannelette Dress
Likes Fruits
Bring her 2 Bag Of Cement
  • Billy Button in a pot
Catch a Blue Spot Flathead
  • Dinks
Buy clothing items from her
  • Blue Flannelette Shirt
Bring her a Tin Bar
  • Mushroom Lamp Recipe

Clover Clothing Shop Deed

Friendship Level Required: Full Heart Heart Icon Heart Icon Heart Icon Heart Icon

Clover will stay on your Island and offer a Clothing Shop Deed once you get her Friendship Level to 1 full heart (and spend some Dinks in her shop!). You will also need to spend 10,000 Dinks in her shop.

The Clothing Shop Deed will be your Island 180,000 Dinks in Debt.

Materials Required:

  • 20x Gum Wood Plank
  • 25x Palm Wood Plank
  • 6x Quartz Crystal
  • 8x Bag Of Cement
  • 4x Copper Bar
  • 18x Nails

A Bag Of Cement can be obtained by using a Rock Grinder (purchased from John) and inserting Stone.

Clover Threadspace Shop Items

When Clover visits your Island, she can allow you to order from her catalog or buy a selection of items instantly at the store.

Item Dinks Notes
Dog Hat 11,000 Dinks  
Blue Beanie 2,062 Dinks  
Red Dress 1,987 Dinks  
Blue Bucket Hat 412 Dinks  
Black Pants 5,000 Dinks  
Pink Off Shoulder 7,500 Dinks  
Green Baseball Hat 937 Dinks  
Chef Jacket 10,125 Dinks  
Chef Pants 6,000 Dinks  
Black Baseball Cap 937 Dinks  
Camo Cap 2,812 Dinks  
Straw Sun Hat 3,375 Dinks  
Purple Cuffed Pants 3,767 Dinks  
Orange Flat Cap 1,312 Dinks  
Red Hooded Cap 2,812 Dinks  
Face Bandana Orange 6,500 Dinks  
Rainbow Pants 2,500 Dinks  
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