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Coromon - Complete Walkthrough and Game Guide

July 8, 2022

Check out the complete Coromon Walkthrough and Game Guide here, including a list of all Coromon you can find in the game.

About Coromon

Coromon is a JRPG that follows the classic monster-taming gameplay experience that makes these games super addictive. The game was first conceived of in 2014 and has finally come to fruition with a release on Steam (PC) and Nintendo Switch (delayed). The game is released on March 31st 2022.

Coromon will be released on Nintendo Switch July21st 2022!

The game has a unique pixelated art-style reminiscent of classic JRPG games, combined with elements of finding different creatures, solving puzzles and other RPG elements that make the game highly addicting.

The game provides a single-player story, alongside online PvP and cross-platform multiplayer components.

There are 114 different Coromon to find in the game, customizable characters and plenty of in-depth mechanics that'll make you play Coromon for hours on end.

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View our Coromon Gallery for screenshots of the game in action.

Coromon Complete Walkthrough

This guide is currently in-progress and will be updated over-time. Check back for new articles and updates!

Coromon Guides

Coromon News

08/07/2022 - Switch Release Date

Coromon will be coming to Nintendo Switch on July 21st 2022!

13/04/2022 - Future Of Coromon - Interview!

Check out our exclusive interview with the Coromon Developers about what the future holds for the Coromon game!

31/03/2022 - Coromon Release Date

Coromon is to be released on Steam on 31st March 2022! Despite the Nintendo Switch version being delayed, players will be able to use the cross-platform save feature to continue their Coromon Adventure's on the Switch if they start playing on Steam.

Still no word yet of when the Coromon Switch Release date is.

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