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Coromon Quest- Attraction

April 5, 2022

Attraction is a quest in Coromon that you get during your play through of Soggy Swamp.

As you enter the second map of Soggy Swamp, you'll get a telephone call from Velma (the researcher at the R&D lab in Radiant Park that you met in Part 1).

Aroma Module

She asks you to get the following items in return for a new upgraded Aroma Module:

  • Ber Fruit
  • Sweatshroom x2
  • Zenshroom x2
  • Grimshroom x2

Ber Fruit give double XP to the Coromon that holds it and fights. You can find Ber Fruit all over Velua but here are some specific places:

  • Woodlow Forest Treasure Chest
  • Woodlow Forest - Jack's house
  • Thunderous Cave - Map 2 Treasure Chest
  • Power Tower - Floor 1
  • Power Tower - Floor 3 Treasure Chest

You can also plant Ber Fruit to harvest more.

The Sweatshroom, Zenshroom and Grimshroom can all be found in Soggy Swamp.

Once you have all the items, go find Velma at the R&D Lab in Radiant Park to get your upgraded Aroma Module.

AROMA Module Upgrade

The Aroma Module increases the level of wild Coromon you find by 4-6 levels. This makes for great power-leveling in areas that can sometimes feel too easy.

It works like the Stink Module where you have to select a piece of grass for the Aroma effect to take place.

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