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Coromon - Dojo Grounds - Walkthrough - Part 11

April 25, 2022

In this part of the Coromon Walkthrough, we will seek out the Light Sensei in the Dojo Grounds to learn how to move a giant boulder out of the way.

Vlamma is home to a deep underground mine called Mount Muspel that is currently blocked by a giant rock that not even your Push Module can move.

Blocked Mount Muspel

Pele tells you of a Dojo master west of Vlamma that you should seek out to learn the powers that can help move the boulder. But before you do that, time to loot up in Vlamma! Don't forget you can use your Scan Module to search the place yourself.


Loot 2

You can pick up 400x Gold from a crate near the blocked mine entrance, and also a Phoenix Shard.


To the left of Vlamma you can find a Ber Fruit in a tree.


Head inside the house above and you can find 250x Gold between two bookcases and a Treasure Chest containing a HP Cake (M).

Skill Flash 66

If you burn one of the hedges on the left of this house, you can find a Treasure Chest containing Skill Flash 66.

Shanaia Quest

You can find a new quest from Shanaia outside the Trainer Hub called Shanaia's Starters.


On the top floor of the Trainer Hub you can find a Pomo Fruit near a plant pot. You can also play the mini-game Swurmy Rush.


There is a house on the right of Vlamma where you can find a Sp. Def. Cake (s) in a white pot. You can also pick up a Ground Cake from the Oven.


If you head upstairs you can find a Toxic Scent in a chest of draws and a 25% Coupon from a Treasure Chest.


You can also pick up a Combi Cake (XL) by burning through a hedge at the bottom of Vlamma.

Now head to the map west of Vlamma and you'll come across the Dojo Grounds.

Dojo Grounds

Dojo Grounds

There is only one map for the Dojo Grounds. At the top is the house of the Light Sensei, which you need to head to begin your training.

Coromon found in Dojo Grounds











You can also find the following loot here:

  • [1] - Treasure Chest: Hot Spinner x2
  • [2] - Speed Cake (S)
  • [3] - Battle: Hannah
  • [4] - Treasure Chest: Purrgy Ears
  • [5] - Heal Spinner
  • [6] - Treasure Chest: Skill Flash 18
  • [7] - Treasure Chest: Pepper Scent
  • [8] - Spinner

Trainer Battle with Hannah



Level: 40

Light Sensei Challenge

Dojo House Loot

When you reach the house at the top of Dojo Grounds, you'll meet Light Sensei.

First claim Skill Flash 41 and the Combi Cake (XL) from the chest of draws on the left.


Then head to the spare room on the right to claim the Golden Spinner from the Treasure Chest and the Toxic Scent in the chest of draws.

Loot 3

Head to the room on the left to find a Treasure Chest in each corner where you can pick up: Oki Fruit x2, Dip Fruit x2, Defense Cake (L), Attack Cake (L). You can also find Skill Flash 57 at the Electric statue.

Light Sensei tells you he can no longer use his power to move the boulder; however, he can teach you it if you pass his test.

There are four challenges you'll have to complete in order to learn the new module for your Gauntlet.

Reflex Challenge

Reflex Challenge

The first challenge requires you to jump 22 times over the Reflex Pole. This pole moves backwards and forwards at different speeds- getting faster and faster and then slowing down to put you off again.

Since you only need 22 jumps to pass the challenge, it is relatively easy to complete!

Swurmy Rush Challenge

Light Sensei

The next challenge requires you to head to the Vlamma Trainer Hub top floor.

Here you'll be tasked with beating a score of 250 in Swurmy Rush on the arcade machine.

Swurmy Rush

The mini-game is very simple; just jump out of the way of the obstacles- the game gets faster and faster as you progress.

Paint Challenge

Dojo Paint

Head back to the Dojo house entrance and speak to Light Sensei. He will hand you some White Paint and ask you to paint all the fences in Dojo Grounds white.

Paint Fence

There are five sets; two in front of the Dojo house, two on the left side of the Dojo house and one further down.

Each fence section requires two coats of paint. Once completed, speak to Light Sensei and he will reveal that there is another challenge.

Light Sensei Battle

Light Sensei Battle

Light Sensei's final challenge is a battle against him. But this battle does not require you to use your own Squad; instead, you'll have to capture three Coromon to face off against Light Sensei's Squad, which will all be 5 levels above yours.

Light Sensei reveals the Coromon Types he will use; a Fire Type, Ice Type and Water Type.

You can capture decent Coromon in the Dojo Grounds for this battle.

You can capture a fire Blazitaur to take on Light Sensei's Ice type Coromon, a Electric Hountrion to take on the water-type and Centilla to take on the fire-type.

You will need to select the special Light Sensei Spinner when capturing these Coromon for them to enter your Squad to face Light Sensei. This Spinner has a 100% capture-rate.

Trainer Battle with Light



Level: 40



Level: 40



Level: 40

Tremor Module

Once you beat Light Sensei, he will reward you with the TREMOR Module! You can now use it to access Mount Muspel and find the next Titan.

That wraps up part 11 of the Coromon Walkthrough! Did you find the Dojo Challenges easy or hard? Let us know in the comments if we missed anything!

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There is a missing part between Light Sensei challenge and the Mount Muspel: Vlamma Heights. Including hidden objects but also a specific NPC quest.
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The second challenge for me was the swurmy jump, a game which is a clone of flappy bird. You need 50 points and it was very hard to achieve since I never played flappy bird before
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You don't need to specifically obtain the coromon for your squad in the dojo. I backtracked into the cave to grab a water type.
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