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Coromon Quest - Battle Of Wits

April 2, 2022

Battle Of Wits is a quest in Coromon that you can find in the library of Hayville.

The quest becomes available during Part 2 of the Coromon Walkthrough just after you rescue Perrin from a Beezel.


You can find the quest at the second floor of the Library and speak to Jebediah.

Battle Of Wits is a quiz side quest! You have to answer 11 questions correctly to complete it.

He can select a random question from his database and also switch around the answer orders- so watch out for his sneakiness!

You can find all the answers to his questions by reading the training manuals that Merrin gave to you in Part 2. Or you can use the list below and cheat :D

You can use our Coromon Types page to find all the type weaknesses.

Below is a list of all possible questions Jebediah can ask you:

  • Coromon of different Potential differ in appearance only. - FALSE
  • How many types are there? - 13
  • Cut is very effective against ... - Electric
  • Poison is very effective against ... - Normal
  • There are types which can only be found on Skills. - True
  • The Speed stat of a Coromon determines its Critical hit chance. - FALSE
  • How many Potential value variations are there? 21
  • Water is very effective against ... - Fire
  • A trainer challenges you to a battle. You... - Accept
  • Normal is very effective against ... - Nothing
  • Trainers may catch Coromon owned by another trainer. - FALSE
  • Trainers may not catch Coromon owned by another trainer. - TRUE
  • Damage dealt is always determined by the Attack stat. - FALSE
  • How many Coromon species are currently known to exist in Velua? - 118
  • Air is very effective against ... - Fire
  • Fire is very effective against ... - Ice
  • Magic is very effective against ... - Ghost


For answering 11 correct questions, you'll be given a special hat cosmetic.


  • Bookworm
  • Lazy Gem
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