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Coromon Potential: Standard, Potent and Perfect

August 25, 2022

One of the key mechanics of Coromon is its Potential System, where every single Coromon can fall into one of three Potential Groups: Standard, Potent and Perfect.

This guide will take a deep look into Coromon's Potential System and give you tips on how you can find the Perfect Potential Coromon for your Squad.

Coromon Potential

Cubzero StandardCubzero PotentCubzero Perfect

There are three types of Potential that any single Coromon creature can have.

The Potential category corresponds to a Potential Value stat, that all Coromon have.

The Potential Value stat has a value of 1-21.

Below is a table that represents the Coromon Potential categories.

Potential Potential Value Min Potential Value Max
1 16
17 20
21 21

As you can see, a Perfect Coromon has a Potential Value of 21.

Potential Value

The Potential Value stat is used to calculate how much bonus "Potential Stats" a Coromon earns when they level up. You'll notice in battle that Coromon have two XP bars; one for regular leveling up, and one for Potential Stats.

Potential Stats

Each time you level up the Potential Stats Bar, you gain 3 extra bonus stats to increase your base stats with (however you like).

A Perfect Coromon will earn more Potential Stats than a Standard Coromon.

A Perfect Coromon can get up to 126 bonus stats.

How To Catch Perfect Coromon

The chance to catch a Perfect Coromon is 1/3194! That means every time you encounter a wild Coromon, you have just a 0.031308% chance of the Coromon being of Perfect potential! Yikes!

Luckily, there are certain mechanics in Coromon that allow you to boost your chances of getting a Perfect Potential Coromon.


The Potentiflator

The Potentiflator is a machine on Donar Island that you can use to raise your Coromon's Potential Value. It costs 2,500 Gold to use the machine and it can raise your Coromons Potential Value between 1 and 20.

The lower your Coromon's initial Potential Value, the higher chance it has of increasing the PV by a higher value.

That means if you have a Coromon of 20 PV, you can get a guaranteed Perfect Coromon by using the Potentiflator since it always increases the stat by at least 1!

Potential Reader

Potential Reader

The Potential Reader is a key item that can be used to read the PV stat of a Coromon. The Coromon must be in your Squad for you to use this item; just select it from your Inventory and it will reveal the PV stat.

This is a useful way of knowing how many Potential Value stats your Coromon has in case you want to use the Potentiflator.

Battle Reader

The Battle Reader, similar to the Potential Reader, will show you the Potential Value of Coromon you come across in Battle. It only shows the PV of Coromon who have at least a Potent Potential Value.

The Battle Reader can be obtained from the secret location in Donar Island.

Potent Scent

There are many Coromon Scents in the game which give various buffs for a certain lenght of time. One of those is called the Potent Scent; this rare item can be found all over Coromon from Treasure Chests and floor loot.

The Potent Scent will increase the chance of you finding higher potential Coromon in the wild for 6 minutes, perfect for hunting for Perfect Coromon!

You can also craft Potent Scents in Soggy Swamp using Scented Super Shrooms.

Coromon Hard Resetinator

Hard Resetinator

The Hard Resetinator in Pawbury Town (top floor of the Trainer Hub) will reset any Potential Stats you have assigned to your Coromon for a fee of 6,000 Gold. This is especially useful if you capture a high-level Coromon as their bonus stats are distributed randomly upon capture.

The Soft Resetinator (green machine next to it) will reset only the Potential Stats you have assigned (not the random ones) for a cheaper fee of 3,500 Gold.

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User Icon might want to check your math on those perfect odds, mate.
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What bit are you referring to? That 1/3194 doesn't equal 0.00031309%? Or that it's not 1/3194 anymore? LMK and I can update it? Thanks
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It looks like you just divided 1 by 3194 and called that a % value. However, if we apply that logic to a '1 in 1' (100%) chance and divide 1 by 1, we get 1, your method would call that a 1% chance. Shift that decimal place 2 positions to the right and you will have the correct % value.
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Thank you for this! Updated the guide :)
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Great article! It's the first place that I've found that discusses how to craft potent scent, which is obviously super important information, if you're into crafting the perfect team.
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