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Coromon - How To Get A Perfect Starter - Potential

May 1, 2022

A Coromon can have one of three potentials, with the best potential in the entire game called Perfect Potential. When you first play Coromon, you'll get the choice of choosing one of three starter Coromon. This guide will show you how you can make your starter Coromon have the Perfect Potential from the get go!

Coromon Starters


There are three different Coromon starters you can choose from when you first begin the game. Nelson offers you the choice of Toruga, Nibblegar or Cubzero.

Each Coromon has a random Potential assigned to it on creation. This Potential determines the stats of the Coromon and also the display sprite that you'll see.

CubzeroCubzero PotentCubzero Perfect

For example, here are all three Potential versions of the Cubzero.

A Coromon becomes a "Perfect Potential" when it has a Potential Value of 21. This means it will have the highest possible stats in the game and have the super-rare Perfect Potential Sprite image.

How To Get A Perfect Potential Starter

Starter Coromon

When you play Coromon for the first time, you are taken down to Nelson's laboratory and given a quiz to choose your own Coromon. Once that quiz is over, the three starter Coromon are revealed.

You can tell just from the sprites whether a Coromon has perfect potential or not. If you don't see the Perfect Potential sprite, it's time to restart the game and do it all over again.

But instead of starting right from the beginning, you can save just before you're about to choose your starter from Nelson and just keep reloading the game until you see a Perfect Coromon.

You can also skip all the boring dialogue and quiz by selecting the "the less extended course" mode from the Receptionist when you start the game. This allows you to go directly to Nelson and choose a starter, speeding up the gameplay considerably.

Since you're going to be restarting the game hundreds, if not thousands, of times to try and reroll a Perfect Starter, you will probably want to watch something on the side to make it less painful!

Perfect Starter Coromon

A Potent Cubzero after 10 restarts!

The chance of getting a Perfect potential Coromon is around 1/3943!

You can also use the Potentiflator to increase the potential of a Coromon, but this isn't a guaranteed way to get a Perfect Coromon unless you get one with a Potential Value of 20.

You can check for a value of 20 by looking at the summary of a Coromon and seeing their XP read: 100 / 24.

Take a look at the video below to see how to save and restart for the Perfect Coromon:

Catch Starter Coromon

If you don't care about starting the game with a perfect Coromon, you can always catch a perfect starter later in the game. All three starters spawn elsewhere in the game, so this isn't the only way to get a perfect starter.


You can catch Toruga in Mount Muspel Floor 3 near the entrance to Floor 4.

You can also get a Toruga from the quest Shanaia's Starters as a reward.


You can catch Nibblegar in the Ruins Of Ixqun by using the Surf Module and then fishing in the waters.

You can also catch Nibblegar in a patch of grass in the secret map in Vermeer Grotto.


Cubzero can be caught in Fresia Pass in the last patch of grass before heading to Frostpeak.

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I was trying to get a poptent water starter doing this and couldn't figure out how i kept getting a potent fire one. I wasn't, turns out the fire starter i picked first time i ever played the game was potent.
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