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Coromon Quest - Buzzlet Delivery

April 5, 2022

Buzzlet Delivery is a Coromon Quest you can find on Donar Island at the Buzzlet Lab.

Joseph Potential Reader

Inside Buzzlet Lab, head to the area where Buzzlet's are generating electricity and speak to a lab assistant named Joseph.

Starting the quest will give you the item Potential Reader, which allows you to check the Potential Value of any Coromon in your Squad. Just select the item from the main menu and you can use it to reveal the Potential Value (between 1 and 21).

Buzzlet Buzzlet Buzzlet Buzzlet

In exchange for the Potential Reader, Joseph wants you to catch him 4 Buzzlet with a Potential Value of 15 or higher.

You can find Buzzlet is several areas, but one of the best areas is the Thunderous Cave on Donar Island (not far from this quest pickup).

You can use your new Potential Reader to analyze any Buzzlet that you capture.

Buzzlet Delivery

One way to speed up this quest is to use the Potentiflator, which you gain access after beating Voltgar in Part 4 of the Coromon Walkthrough.

The Potentiflator will raise the Potential Value of a Coromon once; the lower the PV of the Coromon being used the more points it will gain. You can use the Potentiflator to raise the PV to 15 of any Buzzlet you capture (try and capture them at around 10-12 PV).

Unfortunately, it costs 2,500 Gold each time, so make sure you have some spare Gold left over!


Once you deliver all 4 Buzzlet to Joseph, he will give you your rewards:

  • Magnet Hat (gives extra gold when wearing)
  • Fear Disc
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