Coromon Quest - Find A Mino

Coromon Quest - Find A Mino

calendar_todayPosted on 1st April 2022

Find A Mino is a Coromon Quest you can find in Hayville.

Speak to Chuck outside of Hayville entrance. You'll come across Hayville during Part 2 of our Coromon Walkthrough.

Find A Mino Quest

He will ask if you would like to trade a Mino for a Beezel Coromon.

You can find a Mino in Radiant Park. They have Uncommon rarity, so they don't spawn too often but they shouldn't take longer than 10 minutes to capture.

Once you trade Mino for a Beezel, Chuck will run off.

Chuck Battle

Trainer Battle with Chuck



Level: 5

You can now track him down at the bridge in Radiant Park for a Trainer Battle, where he will use the Mino you traded against you.

You'll get 58 Gold for beating him.

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