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Coromon Quest - Battle Of Knowledge

April 5, 2022

Battle Of Knowledge is a Coromon Quest that requires you to answer a series of quiz questions on the topic of Coromon.

This quest is a rematch and can only be taken on once you've completed Battle Of Wits and collected your new books from Merrin (which begins as you land on Donar Island for the first time).


To start the quest, go find Jebediah on the second floor of the Library in Hayville. This time Jebediah has a bunch of new questions on new Coromon topics:

  • Coromon Conditions
  • Coromon Skills
  • Coromon Traits
  • Battle Weather Effects

You can get all four books on these subjects from Merrin.

When you speak to Jebediah, he will ask you a total of 9 questions and you must get every question right to complete the quest. The questions are randomly selected from a pool of questions below.

Battle Of Knowledge - All Questions and Answers

Below is a list of questions Jebediah will ask you during Battle Of Knowledge quiz:

  • A HP Cake(m) recovers how much HP? 50
  • What does Mull Fruit do? Restore SP
  • A Coromon can get burned during Rain? False
  • Which skill does more damage when used by Toruga? Cinder (40 Power)
  • Once your Coromon activates a newly learned skill, it will never be able to use the deactivated skill anymore. False
  • When do Coromon decided to eat a Juba Fruit? When HP falls below 25%
  • A frozen Coromon has its Defense and Sp. Defense lowered. True
  • Coromon of the same species always have the same Trait. False
  • A shocked Coromon takes damage each round. False
  • Which Coromon do not suffer from Accuracy loss in Twilight? Ghost and blind Coromon
  • What does the poison condition do to a Coromon? Have it lose HP and SP each round.

For answering all questions correctly, you'll get the following reward:


  • Sloth Gem
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