Coromon Secrets and Missables

Coromon Secrets and Missables

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Coromon has lots of areas in the game, some which are hidden and secret, and others which you might miss on your journey. This guide will show you some of the Coromon Secrets you don't want to miss out on!

This guide is recommended for when you have completed the Coromon Main Story first, as you'll have access to all the modules in your gauntlet to access the various places.

Radiant Park

As soon as you get access to the surfboard (after completing Darudic), you can use it to access two Treasure Chests in Radiant Park.

Head to the Researchers Lab, and surf along the river until you come to a Golden Treasure Chest.

You can also find a Golden Treasure Chest deep within the threes.

Radiant Park Treasure

Golden Treasure Chest:

  • Platinum Spinner x1
  • HP Cake (XL)
  • SP Cake (XL)

Radiant Park Water

Second Golden Treasure Chest:

  • Smart Gem

Engineer Upgrades

At the top of the Lux Solis Trainer Hub, you can speak to the Engineer to get special upgrades during your journey. These upgrades only become available when you get a text message on your phone asking you to drop by.

Coromon Throwing Arm

You can get the following upgrades:

  • Increase Chance of catching Coromon
  • Reduced Shop prices

Soggy Swamp Secret

Soggy Swamp Secret

As soon as you get access to the Surf Module, you can swim to an area in Soggy Swamp Map 2 that was previously inaccessible.

Skil Flash 10

Here you can find a Treasure Chest containing Skill Flash 10.

Battle Coromon Developers

Battle Developers

After you have completed the game, you can fight the Coromon Developers: Marcel and Jochem.

Trainer Battle with Marcel



Level: 65



Level: 65



Level: 65

Trainer Battle with Jochem



Level: 65



Level: 65



Level: 65

Their teams start at level 65, and each time you beat them, all of their Coromon gain 1 Level. They max out at level 99 and then disappear.

This is a great way to grind out XP for your earn Squad, and earn lots of Gold as they give 4-5K each time you beat them!

Vermeer Grotto Secret Wall

Vermeer Grotto Secret Wall

Once you get access to the Tremor Module, you can head back to the first map in Vermeer Grotto and break down a secret wall.

Vermeer Grotto

Inside you can find a Treasure Chest containing Skill Flash 51.

You can also find the Coromon Starter Nibblegar in the grass patch!

Battle Reader

Buzzlet Lab

On Donar Island, you can head to the Buzzlet Lab and once you have your Surf Module installed, you can swim to a secret area.

You can also pick up the Skill Flash 26 from a rock nearby.

Skill Flash 71

Inside the secret area you can pick up Skill Flash 71 from a bucket.

Battle Reader

You can also pick up the Battle Reader from a Treasure Chest hidden behind the storage units.

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