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Coromon Quest - Rocky Road

April 20, 2022

Rocky Road is a Coromon Quest you can pick up in the Woodlow Forest after leaving Hayville.

Jack's House

First travel to the house in Woodlow Forest and inside you'll meet Jack, where you'll have to battle him.

Trainer Battle with Jack



Level: 10



Level: 10


Once you defeat him, he explains how his Coromon died and he misses him dearly. You are then tasks with getting him a new Coromon: Molteye.

The Scorching Sands

Molteye Location

Molteye can be captured in The Scorching Sands area of the game. He regularly spawns in the tall grass on the top-right of the map (near [9]).

If you want to wait a little longer, you can also come across Molteye in the Mount Muspel mines as a easy random encounter.

Coromon Jack

Once you capture a Molteye, you can go back to Jack and give him it. He will then give you your rewards.


  • Revitaliser
  • Skill Flash 63
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