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Coromon - Potentiflator

Coromon - Potentiflator

calendar_todayPosted on 30th March 2022

The Potentiflator is a device in Coromon that allows you to increase the Potential Stat of your Coromon. Every Coromon has a randomly generated Potential when they are captured and the higher the potential the more base stats the Coromon will have at max level.

The Potentiflator aims to help reduce the RNG of getting Perfect Potential Coromon by allowing you to pay a small fee to increase the Potential of a Coromon.

Sound awesome? That's because it is!

The Potentiflator

Potentiflator Oleg

The Potentiflator can be accessed on Donar Island at the Training Center second floor. You must first have beaten the Titan at the Power Tower first (this may change from the Demo version).

Speak to Oleg in front of the Potentiflator and he will allow you to select any Coromon in your squad to have it's Potential stat raised. This stat can be revealed using the Potential Reader from your Inventory.

It costs you 500 Gold and a Coromon can only have it's Potential Stat raised once.

Potentiflator Progress

You will then have to wait until Oleg is finished upgrading your Coromon. You will get a phone notification when it's done- the % progress is based on how many steps you make in the world so you can spam up and down if you want to speed things up.

The Potentiflator will increase the Potential Stat by 1, with a very rare chance for it to increase it further. The lower a Coromon's Potential Stat, the higher chance you have of it raising by more points.

A Perfect Coromon has a Potential Stat of 21; so you should use the Potentiflator on any Coromon that have a Potential Stat of 20. You can try your luck with 19 and 18 too and see if the Potentiflator will increase it further.

Potential Ranks


A Coromon's Potential has three ranks, which determine how it looks and it's Potential Stats. The ranks are as follows:

  • Standard - Potential Stat: 1~16
  • Potent - Potential Stat: 17~20
  • Perfect - Potential Stat: 21

The chance to find a Perfect Potential Coromon is 1/3194! So the Potentiflator is well worth investing in if you're looking to find a squad of Perfect Coromon.

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