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Purrgy - #082

Coromon Database - All Coromon

Type: Ghost | Rarity: Common | Database No: #082

Database Entry: Being both playful and helpful, Purrgy like to live in populated areas and are extremely loved by the community they're part of.

Purrgy's Evolution Line



Evolves Level 38



Evolves Level 54

Where to find Purrgy?


Soggy Swamp
Map 2, Map 3


Purrgy's Skills

IconSkillDescriptionUnlocks At
Fade AttackSneak up on the target, dealing damage. This attack always goes first.Level 1
ConfusionConfuses the opposing team, making them Hazy.Level 5
Kitty ClawsClaw at the target 1 to 3 times, dealing damage equal to 15% of the target's current HP with each strike.Level 9
ConcentrateThe user increases its concentration, raising its Critical Hit Chance by 1 stage.Level 13
PremonitionThe user has a premonition of a powerful attack. Inflicts great damage two rounds after this move is used.Level 18
Ghastly NapThe user takes a restless nap, recovering 15% HP and dropping Accuracy of the opposing team by 1 stage.Level 23
Phantom SpikeLaunch a ghostly spike at the target which absorbs power, increasing Attack by 2 stages when landing the final blow on the target.Level 28
Cat ScratchClaw at the target, dealing damage equal to 50% of the target's current HP.Level 35
Soul SwapThe user swaps its soul with a fainted Squad member, passing on the user's remaining HP percentage to the target. This move always goes last.Level 43
LacerateLacerates the foe with a mighty claw swipe, dealing damage and making the target bleed.Level 52
DisableDisable the target's last used move for 5 rounds.Level 60

Purrgy's Base Stats

StatBase Stat%
Sp. Attack118
Sp. Defense84

Purrgy's Traits

Tactical RetreatWhen the Coromon retreats to its Spinner, restore 25% of its HP.30%
Backup PlanThe Coromon has a 30% chance to cling to life instead of fainting when it has more than 1 HP.30%

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