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Dinkum - 5 Permanent Residents - Walkthrough - Part 3

August 9, 2022

After setting up John's Goods Permanent Residency, we are now tasked with finding 5 Permanent Residents for our Island, in order to be officially recognized as an official settlement by The South.

This task can be picked up by talking to Fletch.

5 Permanent Residents

The task only seems to become available after you have completed around 9 Days on your Island and got John's Goods store setup.

Keep talking to Fletch and this task will eventually pop-up. (Let us know in the comments if there is something specific to trigger this!)

Now that John is a permanent resident, he also has a few new items for sale. His shop opens at 8AM and closes at 5PM; outside of those hours John can be seen wondering around your Island.

Now is a good idea to get your Mining Level and Foraging Level up to 10 so you can unlock the new Mining and Logging Licenses to upgrade your Tools to Bronze.

5 Permanent Residents

The task for getting 5 Permanent Residents can be a little difficult at first, but once you understand the mechanics behind the NPCs it's actually pretty easy.

Every other day you'll get a new visitor to your Visiting Tent where they will sell you goods, buy items from you and allow you to do tasks for them to increase the Friendship Level.

In order to get them to stay, you need to do a few things. First, you will need to spend around 10-20K Dinks on items/services they have for sale.

Second, you'll need to increase the Friendship Level. Each NPC seems to have a different threshold for how many hearts you need in order to get them to join.

Once you complete those two tasks above, the NPC will then give you access to their Land Deed. You will need to talk to them in order for the Land Deed to become available; sometimes restarting the day and waiting for them to visit will trigger it.

Land Deed

You can view the Land Deeds by speaking to Fletch in the Base Tent.

In order to use a Land Deed, the Island must not be in debt. That means you're going to have to pay off the Dinks debt you incurred for John's Goods shop.

You can do this by going to the Base Tent and selecting the Donation Box behind Fletch to donate Dinks.

Required Construction Items

Once paid off, you can apply for the Land Deed of the NPC. You'll then need to place the land deed down on your Island, and find the required construction items in order for the permanent residency to be completed (takes around 2 days).

Luckily, you already have 2 Permanent Residents in John and Fletch, so you only need 3 more.

Island Visitors

Based on our play through, we have created this useful table to help you figure out how many hearts/tasks you need to complete in order for NPC to give you their Land Deed.

In order for certain visitors to come to your Island, you need to unlock their Level 1 Dinkum Licence first.

NPC Friendship Level Required Spending Requirement Land Deed Debt Building Type Requirements
Half Heart Heart Icon Heart Icon Heart Icon Heart Icon 18,000 Dinks 200,000 Dinks Plant Shop

Farming Licence

Heart Icon Heart Icon Heart Icon Heart Icon Heart Icon 0 Dinks 125,000 Dinks Museum Default
Half Heart Heart Icon Heart Icon Heart Icon Heart Icon 150,000 Dinks 250,000 Dinks Crafting Lab Default
Full Heart Heart Icon Heart Icon Heart Icon Heart Icon 10,000 Dinks 180,000 Dinks Clothing Shop Default
Currently cannot move in 305,000 Dinks - Salon Have at least 4 residents moved in
Half Heart Heart Icon Heart Icon Heart Icon Heart Icon 25,000 Dinks 150,000 Animal Farm Shop Handling Licence
Full Heart Heart Icon Heart Icon Heart Icon Heart Icon 800 Dinks 145,000 Furniture Shop

Upgrade base tent to a house

Remember, in order to apply for the Land Deed, you must first pay off any Island Debt, which means you're going to need to make a lot of Dinks!

Dinkum - Money Making Methods

Getting the 5/5 Residents on your Island is a costly task and you're going to need a lot of Dinks to do this. You can sell pretty much anything you farm, but there are certain items which are worth more than others. Here is a table of useful items you should look to acquire in order to make Dinks fast.

Check out our How To Make Money In Dinkum Guide for more tricks.

Shiny Discs

Franklyn Shiny Discs

One quick way to make Dinks is to acquire Shiny Discs. You can then sell these items to Franklyn (when he comes to visit) for 8,800 Dinks each!

Shiny Discs can be found from Metal Barrels that pop-up all over your Island. You can find them much easier if you purchase the Metal Detector from John's Goods shop, as that will allow you to find them buried beneath you.

Old Contraption

Old ContraptionOld ContraptionOld Contraption

Old Contraption is also a rare material item that can come from Metal Barrels. You can sell these to John at any time for a whopping 15,000 Dinks each!

Sell To John

As always, all items you farm you can sell to John for Dinks. Here are some of the better ones worth farming:

Item Sell For How To Find
Quartz Crystal
Quartz Crystal
200 Dinks Quartz Rocks
Cooked Meat
Cooked Meat
800 Dinks Hunt animals and then cook Meat
Cooked Giant Drumstick
Cooked Giant Drumstick
1,500 Dinks Hunt Dodo Birds and then cook the Raw Giant Drumsticks
Crocodile Tooth
Crocodile Teeth
3,650 Dinks Hunt Crocodiles; they can drop up to two teeth per kill!

Town Hall Available

Dinkum Official Settlement

Once you have 5 Permanent Residents, speak to Fletch to complete the Task.

He now says you can upgrade the Base Tent into a Town Hall due to being recognized as an official settlement by The South. Hurrah!

You will need to find the materials to upgrade the Base Tent next. You can view them by clicking on the bin outside the tent.

Golden Jackaroo Statue

As a reward for getting 5 Permanent Residents, you also get a Golden Jackaroo Statue!

That wraps up the third part of the Dinkum Walkthrough! Hopefully you now have a good understanding of how to attract people to your Island and how the different land deeds all work. Let us know in the comments if you have any tips of getting people to stay!

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