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MapleStory Reboot Server Guide

June 19, 2024

MapleStory Reboot, also known as Heroic Server, is a special server in MapleStory where the focus is on player progression and removing many of the pay-to-win aspects of regular MapleStory.

MapleStory Reboot was first released in 2015 and has risen to the top as the most popular server to play on for Global MapleStory. So much so, that there are now three Reboot servers for players to play on in North America and Europe.

So what make's Reboot Worlds so special? Why are people playing them over Regular Worlds? Well this guide will explain all the benefits of playing Reboot server, so you can decide for yourself whether it is the right world for you.

MapleStory Reboot Release

MapleStory Reboot was released in 2015 for patch version V.168. MapleStory Reboot is it's own World Server, completely separate from other servers. It also has it's own unique mechanics that make it a different MapleStory experience.

Before Reboot was released, MapleStory was going down the path of a heavily pay-to-win game. To get stronger in MapleStory, you had to purchase Miracle Cubes with NX to scroll your gear, making it more powerful.

There were very few methods for free-to-play players to obtain cubes, causing a huge divide between those who payed and those who didn't.

So when it was announced that a brand new world would be released in December 2015 called Reboot World, it definitely was a huge moment in MapleStory history.

Reboot Patch Preview:

Are you ready to step it up a notch? The brand-new Reboot world is getting added to MapleStory! This world brings MapleStory back to its roots as a hardcore RPG. In this world, monsters are stronger and give more EXP. As you fight, you’ll receive significantly more mesos, as well as equipment relevant to your character’s job. Useful items are designed to be available through gameplay, so some items will not be available in the Cash Shop, or will only be sold for mesos instead. Item enhancement is simplified, and trades are disabled. Rather than purchasing what you need from other players or the Cash Shop, you will earn it naturally through gameplay as you collect items and grow stronger!

Reboot World is now the most popular server in MapleStory; channels are always full and during holiday season the servers suffer due to the amount of people concurrently logged on.

Reboot has since been renamed as Heroic Servers, which each Heroic Server having their own unique name. There are currently three Heroic Servers:

  • Kronos (NA) (original Reboot Server)
  • Hyperion (NA) (released 2023)
  • Solis (Europe)

In other MapleStory Regions, Reboot Worlds are either not available or have been heavily nerfed. Luckily, GMS developers have seen the value in Reboot Worlds and have decided to keep them with their original core concepts.

MapleStory Reboot Features

Bright CubeBright CubeBright Cube

The main draw of Reboot World is the fact that you can buy cubes with Mesos. Cubing in MapleStory is pivitol to growing your character's strength, and in Reboot World these are available in the Cash Shop for Mesos, with no limit on how many you can buy.

You cannot use NX either to buy cubes; the focus is purely on progression is rewarded based on how much you play, rather than how much you pay.

Reboot World Boost

And one of the ways that Reboot World is special is that it has a 6x Mesos Rate. When monsters drop mesos, the rate is multiplied x6, allowing players to earn hundreds of millions of mesos every hour.

CrystalPink BeanCrystal

That's not all; MapleStory Boss Crystals have also had their rates multiplied by 6; defeating a boss like Chaos Pink Bean nets you a massive 64,000,000 mesos, whereas in Regular Servers you only get 12,800,000.

Boss Regular Crystal Price Reboot Crystal Price
Zakum 612,500 3,062,500
Normal Magnus 2,592,000 12,960,000
Chaos Pink Bean 12,800,000 64,000,000
Normal Lotus 32,512,500 162,562,500

Trading in Reboot World is disabled. There is no Auction House either, meaning players cannot buy or sell items with each other. Instead, every player must progress on their own, with the exception of bossing together in parties.

There are other quality of life issues too, such as:

  • Ursus Time - earn up to 33 million mesos each Ursus Run
  • Buy Hyper Teleport Rock with Mesos
  • Buy Monster Park Tickets with Mesos.
  • Many pay-to-win items not available in Reboot World, only cosmetics

There are still some aspects that can be considered pay-to-win in Reboot Worlds, such as:

  • Buy Pets to speed up looting (in particular, Vac Pets cost $100 upfront and then $10 per month thereafter).
  • MVP - Get EXP Coupons buy spending hundreds of dollars per month.
  • Occasional boost items that give EXP Boosters or increase the amount of items you earn when playing.

Overall, Reboot Worlds are definitely less pay to win than Regular Servers. They do require a lot of play time compared to Regular Servers.

Reboot Vs Regular Servers

For new players, choosing the right server for you can be a bit confusing. MapleStory is a very grindy game that you can put hundreds and hundreds of hours into; you don't want to choose the wrong type of server and start all over again.

Both worlds get access to the same MapleStory Jobs and Classes, as well as most content features like bosses and events.

Let's look at the advantages of both types of servers: Reboot vs Regular Servers.

Regular Servers

Auction House

In Regular Servers, you can bypass a lot of the early-game content for new characters, such as Chaos Root Abyss bosses. This is because you can buy all the gear for very few mesos from the Auction House.

In Reboot World, you need to get really strong before you can fight the CRA bosses (usually soloable around Level 230 with plenty of medium-level symbols). Alternatively, you can carried by friends in Reboot World, but this isn't always available to everyone.

The same issue applies to Absolab Gear; in Reboot World you need to do the pain-staking dailies to get Absolab Coins and fight Lotus and Damien. In Regular Servers, you can just buy all the gear from the Auction House.

Regular Servers also benefit from more sources of power creep for your Items. You get access to Spell Trace scrolling, which allows you to add more stats to your gear. Regular Servers also have Bonus Potential, which adds an extra 3 lines of potential to each item.

And of course, if you have money to spend, you can buy boosts like EXP Cards, Miracle Cubes, Familiar Cards and other items.

Frenzy Frenzy Frenzy

Regular Servers also get access to the most over-powered items like Breath Of Divinity, Frenzy Totem, Permanent Hyper Teleport Rock. These items are not readily available and require a lot of luck and money to obtain. But in Reboot World, these items do not exist.

Mesos Market

There are many free-to-play players in Regular Servers too and they are able to progress just fine. MapleStory has introduced the Meso Market- this allows players to sell their Mesos earned for Maple Points, which can then be used to buy CashShop items like Cubes.

With this mechanic, it makes Regular Servers similar to Reboot Worlds- allowing free to play players to buy cubes with mesos. It is a lot slower however; the time it takes to make significant Maple Points is months and months of grinding, whereas in Reboot World you get access to cubes from the go.

Reboot World


Every new character in Reboot World gets a special gift box that gives them millions of mesos, cubes and potential scrolls to start you out. This means you can start getting Legendary potential on items from the get go.

The simplicity of Reboot World also removes the scrolling of items; you just cube and use Star-Forcing. Reboot World also get's a Final Damage boost that Regular Servers do not, helping with the Power Creep difference.

As mentioned before, you can buy Hyper Teleport Rocks for mesos, allowing you to fast travel from the beginning of the game. This makes the experience of playing MapleStory a million times better.

Server Population

Reboot Worlds are very popular; if you care about playing in an active world, then Reboot World might be more suitable for you. In Kronos (the most popular Reboot World), you'll easily bump into players and find guilds. In Regular Servers, the game can feel like a ghost town at times.

In Reboot World, you're more likely to get stronger quicker than in Regular Servers due to being able to buy cubes with Mesos. Whilst you can skip ahead and buy gear from the Auction House in Regular Servers, getting cubes is a lot harder and requires a massive grind unless you pay money.

If you enjoy progressing in MapleStory by doing everything yourself, Reboot World is for you. If you join a guild, you can also progress even faster by getting carried through some of the early game bosses to get gear.

Reboot World Overall

Overall, it is easy to see why Reboot World is the most popular of MapleStory servers.

One thing to note though, is that Regular Servers are where MapleStory makes a lot of it's money. That usually translates to Regular Servers getting more benefits than Reboot Worlds. With the recent Inkwell Note, a lot of concerns about Regular Servers have been listened too, so there may be some good changes coming to Regular Servers.

There is a place for both servers in MapleStory, and both cater to different playstyles. In the end, the game is still the same- so enjoy the grind!


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