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MapleStory Update: GMS no longer getting Reboot NERFS!

April 17, 2024

MapleStory GMS today shared a surprised announcement that GMS will not be following in the footsteps of KMS by removing how much Mesos Maplers can earn, as well as a bunch of other changes that have gone down well with Maplers.

For months, Maplers from the GMS version of MapleStory (North America +Europe) have been waiting on information from the MapleStory GMS team on whether the game would follow KMS's controversial updates that were previously announced.

GMS usually follows KMS updates schedule; when they release a new patch GMS usually gets it 6 months down the line, with very few changes.

In January of this year, KMS announced major changes to how the game functions. These included: Removing all cubes, adding a max amount of mesos a character can earn per day, reducing Reboot's mesos multiplier to 1x (previously 5x) and more.

These changes would have been devastating to the GMS community, with a large portion of the player base playing on Reboot worlds.

MapleStory Developer Inkwell Update

Inkwell Update

On April 16th 2024, a new message was posted on the official GMS website titled Inkwell's Note: Greetings!

The message is presented to you by Hanbyeol Oh (also known as Inkwell in MapleStory), who is going to be spearheading the development of GMS MapleStory.

He mentions the history of how GMS has always followed the KMS updates but that things are about to change. Instead, GMS will now follow it's own development path to suit the needs of Maplers in North America/Region.

In short, the following will now happen:

  • No Adjustments made to the max amount of mesos players can earn whilst hunting monsters
  • No adjustments to the availability of cubes and potentials
  • No adjustments to the mesos acquisition multiplier and price of Intense Power Crystals in Heroic Worlds (Reboot)
  • Ursus will be staying!

The news will be a pleasant surprise to many Maplers, who all had expected for GMS to just follow the KMS route. The update continues to say that GMS will still get KMS updates, but specific details which are important to the server will now be considered specifically for GMS.


MapleStory GMS

There are many different regions of MapleStory, including JMS (Japanese MapleStory), CMS (Chinese MapleStory), MSEA (South-East Asia) and of course GMS. All of them, to some degree, follow the KMS update path.

When KMS releases 6th job, every other version gets the update at a later time. Other versions of MapleStory do have their own exclusive content, like new classes and items that can greatly affect gameplay.

However, for the last few years, GMS has been gutting a lot of it's custom content to follow KMS more closely.

GMS removed it's exclusive class Jett entirely from the game earlier this year. It has also removed old content like Pottable Badges, Spawn Enhancers, Old Regions and many other elements of the game that made GMS unique. So it came as a huge surprise to maplers to see this update come through.

The updates to KMS that have happened over the last 6 months have been game-changing. It will be interesting to see how GMS fairs now that it has essentially decided to go at it alone. KMS content is often made to fit the KMS gameplay experience and with GMS having such drastic changes kept it will mean they will now have to balance content to fit GMS exclusively.

In the Memo, we do get this note:

As I mentioned earlier, it won't be easy to both keep our own balance and systems in GMS and continue to update the game, either from a development standpoint or from a service standpoint. However- to show our love for our community, to make Global MapleStory a game that players around the world can admire, and to take ever greater steps into the future- we refuse to take the easy path. No matter how difficult it is, I believe we should go to any lengths to pursue the path that our GMS Maplers have asked us to follow.

GMS Exclusive Rewards

Inkwell Gifts

Another surprise for Maplers of GMS is that there are now in-game rewards for players to collect! You better hury, as they are only available this week (ending on 23rd April 2024).

Head to the Event Hall and speak to Maple Adminstrator (select Talk to Me option) and you can claim the following gifts:

  • Sol Erda x3
  • Sol Erda Fragment x60
  • Magnificent Growth Potion x2
  • Experience Nodestone x10
  • Symbol Selector Coupon x1 (+500 Symbols or +100 Sacred Symbol)
  • Fairy Bros Damage Skin Selector Box
  • Inkwell Hat

Are you excited about these changes (or rather, lack of changes) being made to GMS?


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Amazing news! props to GMS team for listening to the playerbase

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Praise be

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