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MapleStory Removes Spawn Enhancer Items - Wild Totem

October 20, 2022

MapleStory GMS has announced it will be removing the spawn enhancer item known as the Wild Totem in the next update for MapleStory. This comes on the back of removing Kanna's Kishin Shoukan skill's ability to increase the spawn rate of monsters earlier in the year.

Spawn Enhancers increase the amount of mobs on the map and the frequency with which they spawn, allowing MapleStory players to gain more EXP, items and mesos.

Wild TotemWild TotemWild Totem

Wild Totems were items that you could purchase from the Reward Shop and would last 2 hours, allowing you to increase map spawn for that duration.

With the removal of these items, players in MapleStory will now no longer have access to any kind of spawn enhancer apart from Frenzy Totem, which is no longer available.

This will put cause a lot of players to suffer drastic cuts to the amount of EXP they used to be able to earn, as well as the amount of mesos they would acquire during training.



These changes are not surprising, considering MapleStory decided to nerf the Kanna skill Kishin Shoukan in previous updates so that it no longer increased the spawn rate.

It seems GMS has been trying to realign the MapleStory game with the original Korean version of the game where there are no spawn enhancing items.

Some players will be glad of the change; before Wild Totems you had to play Kanna or use a second PC to make sure you were getting optimal rates.

When Kanna was nerfed, Wild Totems then meant you had to play the full 2-hour duration otherwise you would lose out due to their limited availability (players could only get 15 per month and they would expire if you didn't use them after purchasing).

Other players will feel outraged and that this nerf is a huge hit to their gameplay experience.

Maple Memo

The news comes from the Maple Memo posted on the MapleStory website. They also announced they'll be reducing Starforce costs by 20% due to the removal of Wild Totems.

n alignment with the changes to Kishin Shoukan’s skill effect, Wild Totems will be discontinued in the next upcoming update. As we’ve done when Kishin Shoukan skill was changed to no longer provide spawn-enhancing effects, we will further reduce Star Force enhancement costs by an additional 20% when discontinuing Wild Totems. There will also be some changes made to the Fairy Bros Daily Gifts rewards to reflect the discontinuation of Wild Totems. The below changes to Fairy Bros Daily Gifts rewards will be reflected starting November 1, 2022.

The discontinuation of Wild Totems is currently scheduled to be implemented with our November update, tentatively scheduled for November 16, 2022. Wild Totems that are already in players’ inventory prior to the November update will remain usable with their current functionality until the item expires. Any Wild Totem coupons without an expiration date will be usable until December 31, 2022

Starforce is the most costly upgrade experience in MapleStory and requires billions of mesos to perfect items.

If you have any Wild Totems left over, better use them quickly as MapleStory will remove them from the game from December 31st 2022!

Looks like 2023 will be a very different year for MapleStory players, having had Spawn Enhancing items and skills since 2010!

Let us know in the comments how you feel about Wild Totems being removed.


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