Huge Reboot Nerf might be coming to MapleStory GMS!

Huge Reboot Nerf might be coming to MapleStory GMS!

calendar_todayPosted on 31st January 2024

MapleStory GMS has been through many updates and changes over the years and this new Reboot Nerf Update, potentially coming this summer, is likely to be one of the bigger yet.

MapleStory KMS was recently fined by the Korean FTC for around 8,900,000 USD for changing Cubing Rates without informing players of the changes. The news has created a huge scandal in KMS, resulting in many players quitting and saying they cannot trust Nexon (the company behind MapleStory). 

KMS themselves posted the results of the FTC investigation.

KMS isn't new to scandals; they had to release huge compensation to players when it was revealed that their Inner Abilities system was shown to be manipulated so that players couldn't roll certain stats.

As a result of the latest scandal, MapleStory KMS has rushed through a new update that has completely changed the way Cubes work.

MapleStory Cubes are items that players can buy from the CashShop for real money in Regular Servers. In Reboot World, cubes are purchased with Mesos (in-game currency).

KMS MapleStory Reguarl/Reboot Changes For Mesos


MapleStory Korea has released a new update (having been out in the Test Server World for a few weeks) that completely changes the way players earn Mesos. These changes are so big that they impact Reboot World significantly.

The following changes were implemented:

  • Regular Servers can no longer purchase Cubes from the CashShop
  • Instead, both servers (Regular and Reboot) will now Cube their items using Mesos directly.
  • The cost to reset potential is based on the current item's potential rarity and level. A Legendary Level 200 item costs 45,000,000 mesos per reset
  • A new Mesos Cap was introduced when farming monsters. It is based on Level of the character.
  • A base rate of 150,000,000 Mesos is the limit that a Level 260 character can farm per day in both Regular and Reboot.
  • You gain an additional 5,000,000 Mesos to your max limit every 5 levels after 260.
  • Mesos Obtained Equips allow you to farm more
  • Star Forcing cost has been reduced.
  • Item Cubes are removed from a lot of sources such as Bosses, Elite Bosses and Event Boxes.
  • Some 3-line rates such as Boss Attack, Item Drop Rate and Ignore Defense are now possible.
  • Reboot World's Meso Rate is being reduced back to 1x (the same as regular servers).
  • Reboot World's Intense Power Crystals (boss crystals) will also go back to 1x.
  • Ursus Boss is being removed

These changes mean that players in Reboot will now be on a level-playing field with Regular servers when it comes to earning mesos from mobs and bosses. Before, Reboot had a 5x rate, allowing players to farm bosses on multiple characters to earn a decent income.

Now it seems Reboot World will be exactly like Regular Server worlds, only you cannot trade with other characters.

The Mesos Cap Limit when farming is also very significant; it looks like you will now need to have multiple characters to farm with if you want to earn more than the daily cap rate.

In MapleStory Korea, Regular Servers are normally the most popular servers. These changes were designed to appease Regular Server players.

Will The Reboot World Nerfs Come To GMS?

MapleStory GMS

MapleStory GMS follows KMS updates religiously. GMS usually gets KMS updates 6 months later, so expect these Meso changes (if they do happen) to arrive in the Summer Patch.

Whilst MapleStory GMS can have differences to KMS, they are normally quite small and recent updates have been made to try and align GMS with KMS (see removing Pottable badges).

The MapleStory GMS team put a small statement out in their recent memo regarding the concerns of GMS players:

As you already know, MapleStory is operated as separate services in different regions. We understand that you are always wondering if the contents of other services will affect Global MapleStory (GMS). Similar to other regions, GMS is a unique and independent service with a distinct player base. During our planning process for the game and each update, we consider the existing unique specifications of GMS and the play patterns and preferences of our players.

As for our future plans for GMS, along with the separate memo and notices we've provided in the past, we started posting these roadmaps as part of our effort to inform you of any large changes coming to GMS as early as we can. We are committed to continuing to do so and informing you of major changes to GMS through these notices. As mentioned above, we will make decisions that are best for GMS, and if we decide to make any major changes you can expect to learn more details about it from us in advance. Please note that outside of what we have already mentioned above, we have no other plans to share.

This statement doesn't really say much at all and so we don't know for sure if these updates will arrive in GMS. 

Reboot Worlds in GMS are the most popular servers in the game and a lot of players are very concerned. 

Will you continue playing if these changes come to GMS? Let us know in the comments!

What level are you in MapleStory?

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I'm not surprised really... feel bad for those who have put in the hours on Reboot Worlds.

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