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Parrapoeiam - Star Ocean: The Divine Force - Walkthrough - Part 10

December 9, 2022

After escaping the Terranus it's time for your first venture to outer space in this part of the Star Ocean: The Divine Force Walkthrough.

In order for Laeticia to join Raymond on his outer space journey, Laeticia needs to seek approval from the king. Head to Royal Capital Ascendros City; the party will split up once you reach the gardens and then it's time to head to the Castle.

The King

The King grants permission and Lola is given clemency. Head to your chambers to sleep and start the next day. Lola will hand you a device that contains data between the fight of Scorpium Battleship and Marielle's ship.


Head to just outside the castle and you'll meet up with the others and be teleporter to Ray's ship: The Aldous.

Aboard The Aldous


Once you head to the bridge of The Aldous, you get a transmission incoming from the Vella Gulf- a federation ship. Curtis Aldridge is the captain and they want to meet with Raymond to exchange information.

During the journey, you can now explore the ship and pick up the quest: The Undelivered.

You can also buy new weapons for everyone in your party from the general store on The Bridge.

Name Stats Factor Character
Sturdy Collbrande ATK: 467
INT: 294
DEF: 34
Bestows the element of Fire to attacks. Raymond
Timeworn Morddure ATK: 491
INT: 530
Xiuhcoatl Tleti ATK: 416
INT: 524
Bestows the element of Fire to attacks. Albaird
Murasame PK ATK: 452
INT: 452
GUTS: -88
Bestows the element of Water to attacks
Chance of causing 40% MVSPD - 10s
Thuribulum Bell ATK: 334
INT: 649
GUTS: -79
+15% damage to demons. Nina
Tamsvondre ATK: 421
INT: 560
Bestows the element of Wind to attacks
+15% damage dealt to Plants
Automatic Tsukumo-gami ATK: 452
INT: 452
10% chance of activating skills without consuming AP. Marielle
Blaze Talons ATK: 379
INT: 488
Bestows the element of Fire to attacks. Malkya


If you speak to Raymond, you'll have a cutscene about D.U.M.A and why he came aboard Ray's ship the Ydas in the first place. It was to find suitable candidates to integrate into Scorpium apparently.

Captain Curtis comes aboard and tells you he is heading to the Manook system which is currently under attack from Scorpium Battleships. He mentions this faction of Scorpium have called themselves the Centralists.

You join up with Captain Curtis and decide to head to the Manook System. The Centralists also include Bal'dor, Gaston and Velanj.


If you head to your bed to rest and start the next day, you'll wake up to having finally arrived in the Manook System, which is currently under heavy attack. After a long cutscene, you manage to disable one of the Scorpium Battleships and can now go aboard it.

Battleship Scorpium

Battleship Scorpium

You'll arrive in the Battleship Scorpium by using the transfer chamber on The Aldous. There are lots of strong mobs ahead of you, so make sure you're well equipped.

Treasure Chests:

  • [1] Treasure Chest: Aquaberry Potion x3
  • [2] Treasure Chest: Healing Device
  • [3] Treasure Chest:


You'll come to a giant opening. You'll be given a prompt saying you can move some of the debris to get across. Use your D.U.M.A. rush skill to move the large blocks. You'll need to do this twice in order to reach the other side of the Battleship Scorpium.


Enter one of the rooms and you'll come across a character named J.J. He wants you to help rescue his people trapped on the ship from the centralists.


If you follow the room around to the end, you'll come across some debris you can smash out of the way with your D.U.M.A. rush. Use the teleporter to head to the bridge when you'll come across Bal'dor, Gaston and Velanj.

Boss Fight - Fused Bohld'or

Fused Baldor

Another round with Bohld'or begins! This time he has integrated with the Scorpium Network.

Bohld'or hits some very strong attacks so you need to be very careful on his attack patterns. His main melee is a three-hit slash attack that will almost wipe you out if you get hit by all three.

He'll summon Divine Might, where he glows red. He'll then teleport towards you and swipe- if you get hit by it it's almost certain death. You can easily dodge it though by running away just as he swipes.

Some of hit other moves include summoning a giant cross in the middle of the map where elementals will rain down on you. You can dodge this by heading to the edge of the arena away from it.

When he uses his sword shield, red swords will dance around Bohld'or's body and if you touch them you'll take damage.

Players like Nina who have low HP will likely fall early. The best tactic is to keep backing away, allowing HP to be regained and then running back into the battle. J.J. joins you as a guest character and cannot be killed, so he can deal some damage for you whilst you heal up.


  • Dark Matter
  • 10627 Fol
  • 24154 EXP

After the fight, Bohld'or, Gaston and Velanj teleport away again.

Raymond teleports everyone out of the Battleship Scorpium back to the Aldous, including J.J and his refugees. Raymond decides to head to his planet after escaping the Centralists.


If you head to the Residential Area, you can speak to J.J. in his cabin alongside Marielle. J.J. tries to explain that Scorpium is not hostile and that he has integrated to evolve himself.


Marielle says it best.

Head to your bed and sleep to start the next day. Upon awakening, head to the Bridge as The Aldous has arrived at a Wormhole.



After using the Wormhole, you arrive at a new planet called Parrapoeiam, a Scorpium World. Use the Transfer Chamber to teleport to it.

Your first destination is the Learning Center to learn more about Scorpium.


Treasure Chests:

  • [1] Treasure Chest: 10,000 Fol
  • [2] Treasure Chest: Healing Device x1
  • [3] Treasure Chest: Resurrection Unit

You can use this time to pick up some new quests and buy Accessory Equipment from the general store.

You can pick up the following quests: Unknown Organisms.


If you head inside the Learning Facility, you can speak to some other D.U.M.A. to learn about their existence.


When you leave the facility, Parrapoeiam is attacked by Centralists. You'll need to fight your way towards the Integration Center.

When you get there, you'll have to fight off a monster. It's not a boss- but it does have a lot of HP and requires some skill to take it down.

Integration Center

Floor 1

The centralists have overtaken the Integration Center. This place is made up of 11 different floors but most of the areas are quite small!

Floor 1

  • [1] Treasure Chest: Aquaberry Potion x3
  • [2] Treasure Chest: Fresh Sage x2
  • [3] Treasure Chest: Blueberry Potion x3
  • [4] Treasure Chest: Mental Stimulant x2

You'll find there are several teleports on floor 1. In order to access the middle teleporter, first head to Teleport 1 and then to Teleport 2. Then head through the narrow corridors to reach teleport 5.

Scorpium Candidate Hacking Device

You'll come to a device called the Scorpium Candidate Hacking Protocol. Once this device is activated, you will need to defeat the mobs that are summoned. At 100%, you can then press the Authentication Lock (you only have a short time to do this).


Completing this will upgrade your Authentication Level. Head back to the beginning of the floor and use the central teleporter.


You'll now reach Floor 2. From Floor 2, take the door on the right. This will take you to Floor 3.

Floor 3

Floor 3

  • [1] Treasure Chest: Physical Stimulant x2

Head to the room on the left that contains another Scorpium Candidate Hacking Protocol. Beating it will allow you to access the room on the left of Floor 2.

Head there now and it will take you to Floor 4.

Floor 4

Floor 4

  • [1] Treasure Chest: Blueberry Potion x3

If you use the teleporter at the north, you'll be taken to Floor 5.

Floor 5

On Floor 5 you'll find another Scorpium Candidate Hacking Protocol. Beating this one will allow you to access the Teleporter on Floor 3 on the right. Head there now and it will take you to back to Floor 5 but on the other side so you can access Floor 6.

Floor 8

Floor 8

From here the path is pretty linear and you'll find yourself on Floor 8. You again need access, so head to the right portal where you'll find floors 11 and 12. On Floor 12 is another Scorpium Candidate Hacking Protocol that once beaten, will allow you to access the middle portal on Floor 8.


From Floor 8 you'll come across the integration pods. After a brief cutscene, you can now take the middle teleporter to face Bennett...

Boss Fight - Fused Bennett

Fused Bennett

Recommended Level: 65

Fused Bennett is a giant attacking robot machine that will wipe you out faster than you can say D.U.M.A.

He has several attacks you need to be aware of and dodge in order to win the fight. The first is launching projectile rockets that home in on you; you can dispel them with some skills but you can also dodge/run away from them.

Another move he has is a rotating spin attack that fires bullets at everyone.

He will also shoot powerful laser beams in one direction from both his arms. You can destroy his arms, making the lasers less effective. You can dodge these by darting around Fused Bennett so they are out of range.

His ultimate move is called Dandy and Vaguery, which is a rotating laser beam attack. You can dodge it by running around the boss at the right moments.

Your best position is to always get behind Bennett when he is attacking. You'll avoid most of his attacks that way. Focus on one arm at a time to disable his laser beam attack.

You'll want to throw some resurrection heals out when your party members go down.

Check out the video below for more tips:


  • Integration Device
  • 13996 Fol
  • 27082 EXP

After the fight and Bennett perishes, you find out that the Sovereign of the Centralists is a top-ranking Federation Officer named Remington Kurtzman.

That wraps up part 10 of the Star Ocean: The Divine Force Walkthrough! The End is in sight!

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