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Nihlbeth - Star Ocean: The Divine Force - Walkthrough - Part 7

November 24, 2022

In this part of the Star Ocean: The Divine Force Walkthrough we head to a new area called Nihlbeth in search of Levitas Ore.

After being rescued by Lombert in the Aucerius Plains, head to Castle Aucerius council room where a meeting between Lombert and Laeticia is held.


After some discussion on the type of weapons the Vey'l Empire are using, you're told to go meet Midas at The Semiomancy Consortium.

Here Melthia tells you of a new spacecraft they are building called the Fulga. In order to complete it, they need a special crystal called the Levitas Ore, which can only be found at Nihlbeth.

Elena decides to stay behind with Chloe, but Midas rejoins the party.




In order to get to Nihlbeth, you must first head to the Seaport Of Cotto. When you arrive at Nihlbeth, you'll want to head to the Trathen Settlement.

The monsters in this area are quite strong! You'll also find a few mini-bosses hanging around, so don't worry too much about exploring until you get a set of new weapons.

  • [1] Treasure Chest: Physical Stimulant x3
  • [2] Treasure Chest: Wordsmith Pen
  • [3] Treasure Chest: Earthern Chain Mail
  • [4] Treasure Chest: Orichalcum

When you arrive at the Trathen Settlement, you'll come across several Vey'l enemies. Take them out.


You'll then meet Malkya, the leader of the Trathen Settlement. It turns out she helped fix Albaird's arm the first time round.

Head into the Nihlbeth Ancient Coil. Speak to the merchant to pick up new weapons for the squad:

Name Stats Factor How To Get
Beagalltach of Agony ATK: 281
INT: 177
Holy Farewell ATK: 260
INT: 281
Nadrfringr ATK: 199
INT: 250
Bestows the element of Earth to attacks.
Chance of causing Poisoned for 10s.
Templum Chime ATK: 177
INT: 288
+15% to amount of knockback produced by attacks Nina
Lcang Dkar Ber Ka ATK: 277
INT: 297
Bestows the element of Water to attacks
20% chance to fire ice projectiles upon casting

You can also buy Mithril from this store, in case you need it for the Item Creation quest.

Head to Malkyra's Room to continue.


Malkyra allows you to mine for the Levitas Ore on one condition: You help round up the imperial forces that have invaded Nihlbeth.

Malkyra joins your party. Don't forget to update her skill tree and spend her SP points.


Return back to Nihlbeth where you must take out 2 lots of Vey'l soldiers. They should be routinely easy with your new upgraded weapons.


You are interrupted on the second round of soldiers by a Trathen Messenger who tells you the settlement is under attack. Return back to Trathen...

Boss Fight - Gaston


Another round with Gaston, this time he is accompanied by several Vey'l soldiers. As always, clear the mobs first so you can focus on Gaston.

Gaston can inflict Burn on you, which slowly ticks your HP down and makes you glow bright orange.

Gaston has the same attacks as last time; simple slash attacks and a giant leap attack.

Overall this fight should be fairly easy. With Nina as healer, just continually lock onto Gaston and perform Blindside attacks for double damage.


  • Cyuss
  • 4723 Fol
  • 9406 EXP

After the fight, Gaston disappears again. Head to Lady Malkyra's Chambers.

Lady Malkyra's decides to give Albaird a new arm. If you speak to Albaird, he tells you to go find Ray and explain the truth to him.

Raymond is located just outside Nihlbeth.

Albaird's Arm

Laeticia explains that Albaird lost his arm trying to save Laeticia. He was badly injured and the semiomancy performed on him at the time caused outrage by the people of Aucerius; this then caused Midas and Lady Malkyra to be expelled.

Once the conversation is over, head back into Nihlbeth Ancient Coil and rest for the night.


As the next day begins, you are prepared to enter deep into the coil. However, Laeticia and Albaird are summoned back to Aucerius.

Return To Aucerius

The next part of the story is quite a lot of cutscenes and not much gameplay. We'll do our best to summarize most of it!


As we are playing as Laeticia as the main character, we follow her story. If you return to Cotto, you are greeted by Neyan who escorts you back to the Castle Aucerius. He tells you that Lombert is trying to seize the castle.

When you return to the Royal Capital Ascendros Gardens, you'll have to battle your way through several rounds of Insurrectionists as you head inside the castle.

Be careful of the ones with a crossbow! They hit very hard if you allow them to surround you and attack.


Theo joins your party once you enter inside the castle. Make your way through; there are more Insurrectionists ahead.


You'll come across Elena and Bertrand. Laeticia reveals there is a secret escape route that her father would use only in case of an emergency. If you head up the hall, you'll come across a room that you can enter.


Inside you'll find the King and Chloe. Only it's too late; Neyan and Theo turn out to be traitors and gas you.


You end up in a prison cell. You are greeted by Neyan, Theo and Lola. After a lot of drama, Neyan reveals that if Laeticia accepts a marriage proposal from the Vey'l Empire, her life will be spared. But she refuses.


At Laeticia's execution, Theo decides to come back to the good side all of a sudden and takes out a few guards. And just in time, Ray and the gang arrive to help save the day.

You're immediately thrown into a fight against Vey'l warriors. They will continuously spawn until you head to the way-marker point to start the next phase...

Boss Fight - Neyan and Velanj


Neyan and Velnaj are accompanied by several Vey'l Soliders. Focus on taking those out first.

Neyan can summon fire projectiles that rain down from the sky. You'll need to be quick to dodge them; just keep an eye on the floor for markings.

Velanj can slam down a powerful ice attack that will knock everyone around him back.

You can end this fight early by taking out either Velanj or Neyan; so best to focus on just one of them.

After the fight, Velanj, Neyan and Lola all escape again. You return to Castle Aucerius for a conference with the king to discuss the Fulga.

That wraps up part 7 of the Star Ocean: The Divine Force Walkthrough! Let us know in the comments if we missed anything!

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