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The Cursed Woods - Sea Of Stars Walkthrough - Part 6

September 7, 2023

We arrive at Wraith Island Docks after catching a lift with our new Pirate friends and in this part of the Sea Of Stars Walkthrough we head to Town of Lucent before making our way through The Cursed Woods.

When you arrive at Wraith Island Docks, you'll find a Campfire and Savepoint to the south.


If you keep heading right, you'll eventually come across some new enemies: Lonzon and Woodland Spirit. You might notice they have a new poison icon when using special abilities; these currently can't be removed so you'll just have to tank the damage from them for now.

Town Of Lucent

You'll come to a narrow path that you can jump down from. There is a Treasure Chest underneath the path containing a Rainbow Conch.

Keep heading right to reach the Town of Lucent!

In this part of the guide you'll find:

  • Rainbow Conch x2
  • Vendor: [Weapon] Calcite Lid
  • Vendor: [Weapon] Scrimshawed Sword
  • Vendor: [Armor] Bone Armor
  • Obsidian Ore
  • [Ring] Shimmering Shard
  • [Armor] Bone Armor

Town Of Lucent

Town Of Lucent

There doesn't seem to be too many people around in the Town Of Lucent. It's also quite small, so not too many Treasures to find.


If you head north you can find a building on the left that sells brand new equipment:

  • Bone Armor
  • Calcite Lid
  • Scrimshawed Sword

Bone Armor can be found later on, so you can save yourself some Gold by not buying it.


Rainbow Conch


If you head to the right side of the town, you can cross a bridge over a river. Head south and enter the river.

Then swim further up and you can find a ledge on the right side; there is a Treasure Chest here containing a Rainbow Conch!


If you head to the main building at the top of the village you'll be greeted by Edgar. Apparently everyone in this Inn are pretending like everything is okay!


In the corner of the room you can play a game of Wheels; defeating the person in Champion Mode yields you a Bronze Wheel.


Once you're ready, speak to Edgar to stay the night. A few days later and a strange siren is heard, causing one of the Villagers to become possessed!

Apparently the Dweller Of Woe is taking people from the town; Zale and Valere decide to go help out. Something strange is going on with the Captain though...

The Cursed Woods

Wraith Island

Apparent the Dweller Of Woe is taking people prisoner at it's mansion. To find the mansion, we need to pass through The Cursed Woods.

You can reach the World Map from the right side of the Town. You'll notice a few new locations; the Ferryman's Vigil and Solstice Shrine cannot be accessed. But you can head to the Haunted Creek to catch some fish!

The Cursed Woods is located in between the Haunted Creek and the Solstice Shrine.


As soon as you arrive, head forwards to find some new mobs: Arentee, which has a whopping 110 HP!


If you keep heading forward, you'll come across a blocked entryway by some giant Brambles.


Head to your left and you'll find a group of monsters; the one you need to defeat is called a Boulbe. Defeating that will cause the Brambles to disappear.

Head through the new entryway and you'll eventually come across some more monsters in front of another Bramble-blocked entryway.

This time you can find the Boulbe on your right.


Once the way is clear, head north and you'll come to an area with lots of narrow wood paths. Take out the mobs, and proceed to jump across the wooden stumps where you'll find a Campfire.

Haunted Woods


Up ahead is another blocked path; take the left side and follow it southwards onto some tree stumps. Keep heading left until you come to a collection of mobs and a Boulbe.


If you go a little further north, you'll find a Treasure Chest with an Obsidian Ore inside.


If you return towards the center (near the blocked bramble path), you'll find a closed temple on the left side. Interacting with it opens it up and inside you can find a Treasure Chest containing a Shimmering Shard.

Bone Armor

Now take the right side of the map and you'll come to another Bouble. Open the Treasure Chest up ahead and you'll find a Bone Armor.

Now you can finally go through the blocked bramble path at the center-north of the map.


You will enter a cave and then quickly exit before returning to find the gates of the manor. You also come across the possession villager, who is too strong to handle.


Worse yet, Garl ends up getting possessed too! Luckily, a mysterious assassin arrives on the scene to temporarily knock him out.

The assassin mentions you need a Soulstone in order to get Garl back to normal; you decide first to return back to the Town Of Lucent.


Follow the shortcut path on your right; you'll have to fight several waves of mobs on your way back.


Once you leave The Cursed Woods, you'll return back to town. The assassin reveals herself to be called Serai, and in order to get the Soulstone you'll need to head into the Necromancer's Lair and to reach it you'll need to speak to the Ferryman.

That wraps up Part 6 of the Sea Of Stars Walkthrough! Let us know if we missed anything in the comments below.

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You missed a treasure chest containing a calcite lid north of the first rainbow conch inside a cave. Loving the guide btw
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