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Dweller's Fall Arena - Sea Of Stars Guide

October 3, 2023

The Dweller's Fall Arena is a fighting arena found in the Port Town Of Brisk after it recovers from being destroyed in Sea Of Stars.

The Dweller's Fall Arena allows you to fight against several rounds of opponents, getting increasingly more difficult over time. You cannot use items in the arena.

B'st Ultimate Weapon


As part of the secret hidden ending and obtaining B'st Ultimate Weapon, you will need to complete all the ranks of the Dweller's Fall Arena.

First, speak to B'st atop The Vespertine sails. He tells you he wants to fight in the arena.


Head to the Port Town Of Brisk and you can find the Arena at the center of town past the water fountain.

Inside, speak to the Arena Clerk. There are three ranks to complete and then a hidden rank afterwards.

B'st chooses the party members for each rank. Before you begin a fight, you might want to change your party's equipment.


Rank Party Opponents Reward
Bronze Rank B'st, Resh'an, Valere Clawless Crab Crew, Bomb Bouncing Brothers, Gulgul Goof Group Sapphire Ore
Silver Rank B'st, Zale and Serai Prickly Pirate Party, Fancy Fencing Force, Clockwork Abomination Sapphire Ingot
Gold Rank B'st, Zale and Valere Big Bunny & Bad Bunnies, Basic Basement Batch, Slygain Reaper's Mercy
Platinum Rank All Croustalion Vitric Simulacrum

The final fight sees you face the Croustalion, with all party members available.

Croustalion Boss Fight


The Croustalion will summon two treasure chests. The one on the left heals and the one on the right does a random attack.

You'll want to take out the left Treasure Chest first and then the right one.

The Croustalion will use Kondo Throwdown, which hits everyone for 80 HP. His other attack is called Petarade, which will hit all three members for random amounts of damage.

Overall the fight is easy as soon as you take out the two Treasure Chests. The Croustalion does have a lot of HP, so just be patient with heals and slowly chipping away at the boss's HP.

Check out the video below for more tips:

Reward: N/A

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