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Sea Of Stars - Flimsy Hammers - Secret Easter Egg

October 4, 2023

You might have come across a special item when completing various areas in Sea Of Stars called The Flimsy Hammer. Well, now we know what they are used for and that is to unlock a very special easter egg!

Flimsy Hammer items are collected during the end of Sea Of Stars. There are a total of 4 to collect and they will allow you to experience a cool area of the game with some hidden easter eggs.

All Flimsy Hammer Locations

Flimsy Hammer

There are a total of 4 Flimsy Hammer items to collect in Sea Of Stars.

If you collect all 4 you can unlock an area in The Ancient Crypt that allows you access to a special area of the game.

The 4 Flimsy Hammer items can be found by:

Once you have all 4 Flimsy Hammer items, head to The Ancient Crypt on Settler's Island.

Ancient Crypt

Ancient Crypt

For a long time player's did not know what to do with their Flimsy Hammer items. However, after a clue was given out stating that the answer was cryptic, players headed straight for the Ancient Crypt to unlock the secret.

To unlock the secret, head into the room on the Ancient Crypt that lets you choose which area to visit.

You'll want to choose the middle tile to teleport, or use code 361241 when speaking to the Cryptwalker.


Once you arrive in the Crypt at 361241 area, head to your right. One of the broken tombs can be pushed aside using your Air Push ability.

Flimsy Hammer

Head down the ladder and you can use your Flimsy Hammer to break four walls.


You'll come to an area where there is a door in the top-left corner; interact with it and the Shopkeeper will appear.

Sabotage Studios

Head inside and you can visit a recreation of the Sabotage Studios, who are the developers of Sea Of Stars!


When you head back out, don't forget to interact with the Shopkeeper several times for some interesting prompts!

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