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Mirna's Market Of Marvels - Rainbow Conch Rewards - Sea Of Stars

October 3, 2023

In Sea Of Stars you might have come across an item called the Rainbow Conch. These special items can be found all throughout the game and can be used to trade in for various rewards from Mirna's Market Of Marvels.

Mirna's Market Of Marvels can be accessed in the Docarri Village. You can find her on the right side of the village.


Speaking to her, she will count up how many Rainbow Conch items you have found and then give you rewards based on the total you have.

You can find a list of all Rainbow Conch Locations here.

Mirna's Market Of Marvels Reward List

There are a total of 10 rewards to earn. Once you reach a certain amount of Rainbow Conch, you'll be given that tier's reward. You don't lose your Rainbow Conch, so keep searching for them on your journey.

Make sure to check out our Sea Of Stars Walkthrough as we detail all the Rainbow Conch items we find.

Name Reward Rainbow Conch Type
Something Social Inn Plans 4 Building Plans for Town Of Mirth
Something Useful Cornucopia 11 Equipment
Something Transactional Shop Plans 19 Building Plans for Town Of Mirth
Something Bountiful Fishing Hut Plans 22 Building Plans for Town Of Mirth
Something Shrewd Falcon-Eyed Parrot 27 Relic
Something Healthy Recipe: Poutine 35 Food Recipe
Something Relaxing Spa Plans 39 Building Plans for Town Of Mirth
Something Potent Recipe: Pudding Chomeur 47 Food Recipe
Something Meta Rainbow Star 60 Required for Secret Ending

What are Rainbow Conch?

Rainbow Conch

Rainbow Conch are items you can find from special Treasure Chests.

The Treasure Chest looks different from regular chests, and usually requires solving some puzzle or looking for the chest in hidden areas of maps.

You can also earn Rainbow Conch by completing various quests from NPCs in towns and villages throughout Sea Of Stars.

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