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Town Of Mirth - All Building Plans and Recruit Locations - Sea Of Stars

October 4, 2023

In the Town Of Mirth you can setup new buildings with recruits from other islands using Building Plans. This guide will show you where all the recruits are and all the possible buildings you can build in Town Of Mirth.

To setup a building, you must have gained access to Watcher Island after initially setting up the Town Of Mirth with new recruits from Port Town Of Brisk.


You then need to speak to an NPC called Jirard the Constructionist at the Town Of Mirth. He will accept any Building Plan items you have and begin construction.

However, the buildings will not be accessible until you recruit people to run those new buildings.

All building plans can be gotten by turning in Rainbow Conch items to Mirna's Market Of Marvels.

  • Inn Plans (4 Rainbow Conch)
  • Shop Plans (19 Rainbow Conch)
  • Fishing Hut Plans (22 Rainbow Conch)
  • Spa Plans (39 Rainbow Conch)

How To Find Innkeeper for Town Of Mirth


You can find the Innkeeper in the Town Of Lucent.

Head to the Inn in the Town Of Lucent and speak to Edgar. He tells you his brother needs a job and he will go to work in the Town Of Mirth Inn!

The Inn gives you access to a new Wheel's challenger.

How To Find Fishing Hut Master for Town Of Mirth

Master Fisherman

You can find the Master Fisherman for the Town Of Mirth Fishing Hut in Mooncradle.

Head to the Mooncradle Inn and you'll find him there.

The Fishing Hut allows you to claim rewards for catching different fish in the Fishing Mini Game.

How To Find Shopkeeper for Town Of Mirth


The Shopkeeper can be found in the underwater town called Docarri Village.

If you head to the bottom-left house, you can find a Merchant who wants to run their own Family Business. They agree to head to the Town Of Mirth.

The Shopkeeper allows you to buy various items.

How To Find Spa Manager for Town Of Mirth

The Spa Manager can be recruited from Stonemason's Outpost.

You first need to have released the water from one of the Stonemason's Houses:


If you jump off the cliffside on the second level, you can enter a small cave.


Inside you'll find a sleeping Villager; use your Air Push ability to activate the Green Propeller. This will cause water to start flowing outside.


Head outside to the Stonemason's Outpost and you can now you can ask the lady Chi in the Bathtub to join your Spa Building in the Town Of Mirth.

The Spa allows you to pay 250 gold to give party members a stat boost (one time each).

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