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All Data Strip Locations - Sea Of Stars

October 3, 2023

In Sea Of Stars, you can collect four Data Strip items from Treasure Chests when you visit Serai's world. You can then use these Data Strip to create a special Cypher in Serai's room.

With the Cypher available, you can then use it to unlock a room containing the best armor in the game.

Data Strip Locations


Data Strip

In the middle of Repine, if you head up the middle of the area, you can find a Treasure Chest hidden in one of the small alleyways.

Cerulean Reservoir


At the top of the Cerulean Reservoir, you can find a Treasure Chest containing a Data Strip.

Speedball Network

Treasure Chest

You can find a Treasure Chest next to the Speedball Network entrance near where the Sea Of Stars whirlpool is.

The Fleshmancer's Lair


In the area with the rolling eyes, you can find a Treasure Chest in the top-right corner containing a Data Strip.


Using The Cypher


Head to the top of Repine and into Serai's house.

If you interact with the table on the left of her house, you can submit all four Data Strips to create a Cypher.


Then head to the Weapon's Shop; in the left of the room is a orange panel you can interact with. Using the Cypher, it unlocks the door.

Inside you can find two Treasure Chests containing: Question Pack #9 and Cosmic Cape.


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