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The Cerulean Expanse - Sea Of Stars - Walkthrough - Part 18

September 27, 2023

The Cerulean Expanse is our next destination on Cerulean Island, where we hope to discover a forgotten race that can help us reactivate a transport system needed to access the Sky Base.

Serai recovers a Drone from her house and you'll be using this to help find hidden treasures in the Cerulean Expanse.

Cereluean Expanse

You can find the Cerulean Expanse to the east of Repine.

The Cerulean Expanse

The Cerulean Expanse is quite a cruel environment! Almost every area is exactly identical and the only way to figure out the correct path is to uncover special devices in the sand.

Your Drone will periodically beep when you are near a buried item. You can find Treasure Chests, Mobs, ingredients and special location dials that tell us the direction we need to go in.

Location Dials

Each map has 8 exits surrounding it. When you uncover a location dial, it will have one light shining on it, indicating the path you need to take. Here are some pointers:

  • If you take the wrong path, you'll most likely return to the first map (sometimes not!)
  • If you take the path on the left middle side, you'll exit the Cerulean Expanse


  • You can find a Save Point and Campfire by following this route: Bottom-Middle, Bottom-Left, Bottom-Right, Bottom-Middle. You can also open four Treasure Chests containing Obsidian Ignot, Question Pack #7, Rainbow Conch and Adamantine Ore

The path you'll need to take to find your next destination is (start from the first map)

  • Middle-Right
  • Top-Right (Find Wireplate Armor)
  • Bottom-Right
  • Top-Middle (Find 25x Gold)
  • Top-Left (Find Croustade)
  • Bottom-Left
  • Bottom-Middle
  • Middle-Right

When you follow that path, you'll come to an area called Lost Ones Hamlet

Lost Ones Hamlet

Lost Ones Hamlet

This area appears to be deserted. If you head to the top of the area, Resh'an tells you the area was created by Aephorul, using it to detach souls from living bodies.


Once Resh'an reveals the lost souls, head to the bottom of the map and a soul will speak out to you. It will reveal itself as B'st.

B'st tells you about the Sky Base and how it was once used to help keep the planet regulated, until the evil machine known as The Catalyst corrupted it.

In order to access the Sky Base, you'll need to travel to the Sacrosanct Spires, which is currently protected by a spell.

B'st knows how to break it, but unfortunately he cannot leave the hamlet without Resh'an's help. Serai opens the door to the hamlet where Resh'an can create Living Glass.


Head inside the hamlet and you can find a Treasure Chest on the left containing a Walnut Cork. There is a Campfire further up and a Save Point.

Meduso - Boss Fight


This is an interesting fight! The arms of Meduso will periodically connect to tubes where special attacks will be created.

  • Pink Tube = Single Target Attack
  • Blue Tube = Single Target Attack
  • Green Tube = Heal
  • Purple Tube = Multi-target attack

The only real tube you need to focus on is the purple ones. It usually has a countdown of 3 moves to clear it out. Unfortunately, Meduso can sometimes summon three of these purple tubes, making it hard to take them all out.

Resh'an's Ultimate is key here as it will give you a full-heal and damage all arms. You should try to keep Resh'an's MP up too, so you can periodically cast his healing move.

Serai can be switched in and out of this battle to do some hard-hitting damage and prevent some of the tube attacks.

Check out the video below for more tips:

Reward: 9,682 EXP


After the fight, B'st gains a Living Glass body!

B'st also joins your party!

Our next destination is the Sacrosanct Spires, which can be found on an island to the west. Time to head back to The Vespertine!

That wraps up part 18 of the Sea Of Stars Walkthrough! B'st is such a strange character!

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