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Across The Sea Of Stars - Sea Of Stars Walkthrough - Part 17

October 3, 2023

In this part of the Walkthrough we travel across the Sea Of Stars and arrive in an unfamiliar location: Serai's native home Repine.

Return to the council in Cloud Kingdom and they will grant you access to the Sea Of Stars through the Whirlpool at the center of the World Map.

Sea Of Stars

You will need to use The Vespertine to access the Sea Of Stars.

In this part of the walkthrough, you'll find the following items:

  • Recipe: Sashimi
  • [Armor] Wireplate Armor
  • Rainbow Conch x3
  • [Weapon] Kybersteel Daggers
  • Data Strip
  • Vendor: [Weapon] Adamantine Staff
  • Vendor: [Weapon] Kybersteel Blade
  • Vendor: [Armor] Pliantshell Vest
  • Vendor: [Gold Ring] Nano Injector

Once inside, you'll find a location called Trek To The Center Of The World.


Here you'll come across several familiar mobs, but all of them have been buffed up for this location. There are several levels to this area, but just keep heading left until you come to The Sea Of Stars.

The Vespertine

Here you can get back on The Vespertine and travel across the Sea Of Stars. You want to head towards the balls of light in order to send you forwards (these balls of light can appear behind you!).

Eventually you'll come out the other side! You'll find yourself inside a dark room; interact with the console in the top-right corner to turn the lights on and you'll awaken the Guardian system...

Guardian - Boss Fight


The Guardian boss fight starts off pretty easy but when it summons it's mobs things start to get a little tricky.

The summoned mobs called Drone, can cast a Hex Shield on the boss. This shield will absorb lots of damage, slowing down the fight a lot. You should prioritize preventing the cast of Hex Shield by breaking the Combo icons above the mobs.

Luckily, these Drones do not have a lot of health (132 HP).

The Guardian itself can use Power Shot; it will use remaining mobs to fire a blast towards a single character. It's most powerful attack is called Taser Drip, which will hit all three characters for around 40 HP.

Overall, this fight shouldn't be too difficult!

Check out the video below for more tips:

Rewards: 8,400 EXP

After the fight, Serai reveals this place is her home. It was attacked by The Fleshmancer and now is under constant cover of darkness, where the Dweller Of Dread feeds on the souls of the people. Serai reveals she and her people were turned into Cyborgs by the evil Catalyst machine.

Serai reveals if you can get to the Sky Base and remove the clouds blocking the sunlight, you might have a chance to defeat the Dweller Of Dread and save this world.

First things first, we head to Serai's home called Repine on Cerulean Island.


Exit the room to your right and you'll come out to the World Map. Use The Vespertine to dock at Cerulean Island and head towards the Derelict Factory.

Derelict Factory

Glass Roof

Outside the Derelict Factory you'll find a Campfire and Save Point.

The main entry is locked, so climb up the left side of the building and jump off the cliff through the glass roof.


Inside you'll find a Treasure Chest immediately on your right containing Recipe: Sashimi.


Head to the left side of the room to find a console. Interact with it and it will open the center doors.


In the next room head to your right, where you'll find another console. This will generate a Teleporter. Use it and you'll be teleported into some mobs.


Now use the console on the left side. This will change the Teleporter location. Climb up the wall on the left and return back to the beginning and use the Teleporter to cross.

Wireplate Armor

Before you head through the doors, use the platform on the right to access the Treasure Chest containing Wireplate Armor.

Kybermesh Battery

Head through to the next room. On your right is a Campfire and Save Point. Head further up and you'll notice the Elevator is offline and requires a Kybermesh Battery.


Head further up and activate the console on the left; this will create a Teleporter on the same platform. Use it and head through to the next room.


Here you'll notice two paths on either side have the spotlights that when you touch will force a battle. Both sides have a console that you'll need to activate; this will cause a bridge to form at the center of the room.

Crane Operator

Head up the center of the room and access the wall hole on the left to find a Crane Operator ID Card. In order to generate the Kybermesh Battery, you need the following items:

  • Kyber Ore
  • Blueprint Disc
  • Power Unit

Laser Crane

Head back to the room before and you can now operate the Laser Crane from the large console above the Teleporter.

Rainbow Conch

First use the Laser Crane to pick up the Rainbow Conch Treasure Chest on the right side of the room and place it on the right side slot on your platform so you can open it.


Next, you need to use the Laser Crane to pick up the Teleporter Tiles ahead of you. You can then place it on the right side of the room, allowing you to teleport across to it. Enter the room on the right.


Head up the block in the middle of the room and press the console. This will allow you to grapple over to another console.


Press it and it will light up the console on the left side of the room. Return back to the first console and press it so that the grappler post is positioned in front of the newly lit up console. Grapple over and push it.


This will cause the machine on the left to fire it's laser and create a hole in the wall; enter that hole.

Kyber Ore

Follow that cave round and you'll find a Kyber Ore!


Return back to the room with the Laser Crane and this time move the Teleport to the left side of the room and access the room on the left.

Three Doors

Here you'll come to a room with three doors; head to the door on the right first.

Blueprint Disc

Inside you'll find some mobs and several items in the wall including a Blueprint Disc.

Kybersteel Daggers

Next head to the middle room. Push the middle block forward and access the treasure wall on the left to find Kybersteel Daggers.


Exit the room and return to it to reset the blocks. Now push both the left and right blocks forward, then push the middle block to the side so you can access the treasure in the wall and find a Wireplate Sheet!


Finally, head to the room on the left. Interact with the console in the middle of the room and use your new Wireplate Sheet to activate the power unit. Now go and pick up the Power Unit.

Power Unit

Now head back to the laser crane room and move the teleporter to access the back room. Place all three objects in the console at the center of the room and it will generate the Kybermesh Battery.


Head back to the Laser Crane room and use the crane to place the battery (on the left) next to the Elevator at the beginning of the room.

You can now use the Elevator and leave!



You'll come to the World Map. If you fancy a bit of fishing, head to the Cerulean Reservoir. At the top of the lake you can find a Treasure Chest containing a Data Strip.


Our next destination is Repine, Serai's home. Her house is all the way at the top of Repine, but first let's get acquainted with this depressing town.


If you head to the room on the left of Repine you'll find an Inn. Speak to the Villager at one of the tables and he will ask you to go speak to The Watchmaker so he can play the Wheels mini-game.


If you head inside the Repine Inn, you can find a robot at the front-desk that requires some food. First it will ask you for something sweet, followed by more prompts. You'll need to feed it items that have those words in the description. There are multiple options you can use:

  • Something sweet: Berry Jam
  • Something warming: Hearty Stew
  • Something meaty: Roast Sandwich
  • Something light: Basic Salad (Herbed Fillet does not work for some reason)
  • Something from the water: Yakitori Shrimp (you can buy this recipe in Repine)

Once you give all 5, you'll get a Rainbow Conch.


Outside, if you head up the center of the town you can find a Rainbow Conch in a Treasure Chest.


There is also a weapon shop in the middle of the town where you can buy:

  • Adamantine Staff
  • Kybersteel Blade
  • Pliantshell Vest
  • Nano Injector

There is also a Rainbow Conch in a Treasure Chest next to the Merchant.


Now head to Serai's house where you'll be introduced to Cedric, her computer.

Cedric tells you to head to the Cerulean Expanse in order to find a forgotten race that might help with getting the Speedball Network online; with this we can then access the Sky Base!

That wraps up this part of the Sea Of Stars Walkthrough! What do you make of Serai's world? Pretty depressing huh.

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