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The Vespertine - Sea Of Stars Walkthrough - Part 9

September 11, 2023

In this part of the Sea Of Stars Walkthrough we go in search of the cursed pirate ship known as The Vespertine!

Before that however, we need to head to the Port Town Of Brisk and aid people with the recovery effort.


If you speak to Yolande in the Town Of Lucent, he will take you back to the Port Town Of Brisk.

Port Town Of Brisk

Strife Minions

When you arrive you'll notice the place is on fire; the Dweller Of Strife has crashed into the town and unleashed it's chaos.

This area has a new mob called Strife Minion; dealing magic attacks to them will wipe them out.


If you head to your right, you'll go past the crew; above them is a Merchant who can sell you items (but none of the stock is new).


Keep heading right and you'll notice a block with a woman behind it, push it to your right and she will give you a Basic Salad.

The Humble Boast

Jump into the water and head right, making your way into The Humble Boast tavern. Take out the two mobs inside and the Villager will give you a Tomato Club.



Head further up the tavern and you'll find a ladder. Climb up it and on the roof you'll find a grapple spot that you can use to reach the roof of other buildings.



Make your way left, until you come to a small ditch; on your right you can climb up the broken walls and push a wooden crate off. Push it northwards so you can climb up and take out the two Strife Minions.


Walk past the fountain and take the stairs on your right, where you'll come to crater in the ground.


After a couple of cutscenes, it seems some of the villagers of Brisk want to start a new life elsewhere. And to help them you're going to need a ship.

It seems there is only one ship capable of this mission and that is The Vespertine, a haunted pirate ship that Yolande and crew were going to buy with their Coin Of The Undeath.

Without the coin, you now have to take The Vespertine by force!

The Vespertine


Speak to Serai when you want to commence the mission to The Vespertine. The ship only appears at dusk during a brief window and so everyone decides to wait it out around a campfire.

The Vespertine

When you jump onto The Vespertine, you'll meet Hortence. He tells you the ship is stuck in a nightmare, cursed by a former captain called the Stormcaller.

In order to free The Vespertine, you need to take out the Stormcaller, who is currently protected by a maelstrom.

Hortence says he will offer you his help if you can bring him back a map, somewhere below deck on The Vespertine.


On board the ship, the blue-fire can damage you, so try to avoid it. First thing you should do is head up the rope net and climb up the mast. There you'll find a rope-bridge; cross over and you'll come to the other end of the ship.


Take out the new mobs and open the Picnic Basket to find a Chaudree. Defeating the mobs will extinguish all the blue flame.

Below Deck

Head back to the middle of the ship and take the stairs leading to below deck.


You'll find more mobs below deck; head to the right of the ship and you'll come to three Ranged Matey. Defeating them extinguishes the blue flames.


Now head to the left side of the ship, where you can find a Campfire and Save Book. You'll also find a Treasure Chest in the corner containing the Map! Return to Hortence.

Sea Of Nightmare


In order to get to the Stormcaller, you must take out three lightning rods that are keeping the maelstrom active.

You'll be given control of The Vespertine; there are three little islands surrounding the Maelstrom. You can follow the lightning to guide you or open up your map.

Head to the bottom-left island first.


On this first island, you need to pick up 6 Cursed Doubloons and place them north of the lightning rod into a statue.

You can find the Cursed Doubloons scattered around the island, among a couple of mobs who try to impede you.



You can find three of the Cursed Doubloons on the left of the island; they are fairly simple to get hold of.


On the right side of the island, you'll come to a small bit of land where there are two wooden crates; the Cursed Doubloon is up in the palm tree.

You need to push the wooden crate on the right to the left, up and then back across so that you can push it directly into the palm tree, knocking the Cursed Doubloon out of it.


South of that island you can find another Cursed Doubloon surrounded by mobs.


North of that you can find the final Cursed Doubloons after hopping across some wooden pegs.

Cursed Doubloons

Now return to the main center of the island and place the Cursed Doubloons into the shrine above the Lightning Rod.


This will cause two bridges either side of the Lightning Rod to appear; climb up them and use your Grapple to smash the Lightning Rod connectors.

Once all four are destroyed, so will the first Lightning Rod!


Next head to the bottom-right island.


This island is fairly simple; on either side of the Lightning Rod are two levers. Pulling them will pull up two bridges, allowing you to hit the Lightning Rod connectors.


Again, use your grapple to take them out.

Now head to the north island.


Head to your right and you'll find a long plank of wood to walk up.


From there, head left; you'll walk past a rope bridge but get ambushed by some mobs. Take them out.


Keep heading left until you come to small rocky area; climb up it and use your Grapple to climb onto the main island. More mobs await you!

Climb across the rope bridge on your right, making your way to the Lighting Rod in the center.

Smashy Smash!

From here you can take out all the Lightning Rod Connectors using your grapple.

You can now access the main island as the Maelstrom has subsided! Return back to The Vespertine and make your way to the island in the middle called Maelstrom Point.

Heal up before you climb to the top of Maelstrom Point...

Stormcaller - Boss Fight


Another difficult boss fight, the Stormcaller has some powerful attacks so you need to be mindful of your MP for healing.

The Stormcaller has one basic attack; a simple slash for around 30-40 damage.

He will then alternate between two powerful three-party hitting attacks.

The first is Chain Lightning; you have two rounds to take this move out and it can be quite easy to miss the combo moves. If you have multiple poison icons, use Serai's Venom Flurry to take them out. This move will deal around 30-40 HP.

The real move you need to be careful of is The Ruler Of Tides. This move hits three times to all three characters and is quite hard to block. You can easily take 50 damage here per character if you haven't weakened the attack by knocking out some icons. This move does charges your combo up quite significantly, so you should be able to pop a Mending Light soon after.

The only saving grace is that The Ruler Of Tides seems to be % based damage, so it can never actually KO your party members.

The main strategy is to heal after The Ruler Of Tides move and pray he combos Chain Lightning and Regular attack moves more often, allowing you to get more damage in, rather than healing.

If you have the MP available, you can use Valere's Lunar Shield (it costs 12 MP!) and it will block one full round of attacks, but the Ruler Of Tides hits three times.

Check out the video for more tips:

Reward: 2,996 EXP

After the fight, The Vespertine becomes yours! You return back to Brisk and prepare to take the villagers to their new home...

That wraps up Part 9 of the Sea Of Stars Walkthrough! How did you find the Stormcaller boss fight? Let us know in the comments for any tips.

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