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Airoheart - Heart Melon Locations

October 26, 2022

In Airoheart you can find special Heart Melons that will grant you extra heart health bars, making the game a lot easier to survive! These Heart Melons are hidden all over the world and this guide aims to document all of their locations!

A Heart Melon looks like a heart trapped in a vine weed. Upon interacting with it, you will consume it.

In order to gain a new health heart bar, you must consume 3 of them. Below are all of the Heart Melons we have found on our travels!

Heart Melon Locations

Heart Melon #1



In the beginning area (llanfair County), if you follow the location on the map above, you'll find a small brown patch which will cause you to fall through. You'll land in a mouse's cave and in there you'll find a Heart Melon on the upper levels.

Heart Melon #2

Telekremorrs Tower

Heart Melon

Head to Telekremorr's Tower and go round the outside of it to his garden. There is a Heart Melon next to his crops.

Heart Melon #3

Melon Heart

Melon Heart

The next one can be found out in the wild in Llanfair County. Check the location on the map image above.

Heart Melon #4



Once you complete the second dungeon and learn the ability to pick up heavy rocks, you can find a Heart Melon at the left side of the castle.

Use the pictures above to get a better idea for it's location

Heart Melon #5

Melon Heart

If you head back to your Grandpapa's house, you can enter his garden from within the house. Head to the right and you'll find some shrubs and a Heart Melon.

Heart Melon #6

Cave Melon

The next Heart Melon can be found once you have completed the 2nd dungeon as Castle Radion and unlocked the ability to throw boulders.

Heart Melon

If you head to the east, you will come across a cave in the sand. The only way you can pass is by smashing two heavy boulders out of the way.

Heart Melon

Inside the cave you will find the Heart Melon!

Heart Melon #7


Head to the Al'kashmiri Basin and you'll find a cave in the top right corner. Use our map above to see the location.


Once in side the cave, you'll notice a spark rock firing.


You need to head right, past a couple of traps and activate a time tile. You'll then have around 60 seconds to reach your objective.


Head back to the start of the cave and this time head north. You'll come to two ball and chains that you'll need to dodge. There are safe spots on the side of the narrow paths.


Follow it all the way round and you'll come to the Heart Melon!

Heart Melon #8


If you head to Mizu Temple and go to the top left corner, you'll come to a small beach.


Here you can find a Melon Heart!

Heart Melon #9

Lake Comito

Head to the north-west of Llanfair and you'll come to a small settlement called Lake Comito (just before the mountain with many doors).


You'll notice a huge boulder that you can lift. If you throw it, it will reveal a hole you can fall down.


You'll drop into a cave; defeat the Spider monster inside and it will drop a key. Take the north exit.


In the next cave, head left and exit through the top door. In the next cave exit from the south.


You'll then come to a cliff-edge where you can pick up the Heart Melon.

Heart Melon #10

The Great Marsh

The GReat Marsh

If you head to The Great Marsh, in the center you can walk down the side of the swamp water and come to a Heart Melon.

Heart Melon #11

Loth Lena

At the top of Loth'lena, you'll come across a small mountain top. If you head to the left, you'll be able to pick up a Heart Melon.

Heart Melon #12

Mount Comito

Head to Mount Comito. When you exit the second cave, you'll come to a mountainside with the option of climbing up or down. Head down.


Plant a bomb in the mountainside and you can enter a room containing a new Heart Melon.

Heart Melon #13


After defeating the boss in Mount Comito, you can find a Heart Melon just on the mountainside outside his cave.

Heart Melon #14

Heart Melon

Once you get access to Breton territory towards the end of the game, head to the location on the map above and you'll come to some rocks. Throw them out of the way and make your way through the linear path.

Heart Melon

You'll then come to a Heart Melon.

Heart Melon #15


You can find the cave at the top of Fengrileye Forest. Head inside it and make your way left until you come to another exit on a clifftop. Take the cave on the left and head inside.


You'll then come across a Heart Melon!


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