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Airoheart - The Fragmented Soulstone - Part 1 - Walkthrough

October 4, 2022

Welcome to the first part of the Airoheart Walkthrough and Guide. This guide aims to show you all the solutions to Airoheart puzzles, upgrading your equipment and finding any hidden dungeons that are in the game.

Airoheart is currently available on all major platforms, including Steam (PC), Nintendo Switch and PS4/Xbox Consoles.

For more parts of our Airoheart Walkthrough, check out our main page.

You can play the game on keyboard or use a joystick as it has controller support built in! You can customize the keyboard bindings via the options menu from the Main Menu before you start the game.

Draoidh Stone

Airoheart Story

You begin the game reading from a book (starting at Chapter 6!) which sets the scene. You start your adventure in the world of Engard, which is inhabited by two races called the Elmer and Bretons. The Breton were made to live in harsh lands by the Elmer during the early settlements.

A powerful Breton called Carthicus used dark magic to take over the Elmer lands.

The Elmer then sealed him in a stone known as the Draoidh Stone, to contain his powers and prevent any more destruction.

Strange Voice

You play as Airoheart and start off at your Grandparent's house, reading a book, minding your own business. You then hear a strange voice who is asking for your help and tells you to go into town.

As luck would have it, your Grandpapa also wants you to go into town to get him some mackerel for his dish mornay.


You can find 5 Beads by lifting up a pot in the bottom left corner of his house.

Beads are the currency of the game; you'll be able to spend them in shops and buy various items so make sure to collect them when you can!

Airoheart - UI Overview

Airoheart UI

Before you step out into the world, time to get acquainted with your new User Interface.

  1. This is your health bar. You start out with 3 hearts of health, and each time you get hit by an enemy a portion gets wiped out.
  2. These are your Rune Magic power. Each time you use magic with your Rune Staff it consumes one slot. You can find Rune Magic power by defeating enemies and in smashable crates.
  3. These are your Health Potions. You can have 3 in your Inventory at once and they heal 60HP at a time.
  4. Is your equipped weapon; you can cycle through weapons using the tab key or select a different one by opening up the Inventory (Q).
  5. These are your Arrows; you can hold a max of 20 at one time.
  6. These are your Bombs; you can hold a max of 5 at one time.

Llanfair - Head To Town

Starting Your Adventure

As you exit your Grandpapa's house, you'll come to the main overview world. You can travel to various locations- but be warned there are lots of creatures about. Luckily for you, right now all roads are closed except towards town so no monsters can hurt you.

Airoheart Town

You can find the town of Llanfair to the north; you can also open your map by pressing M and see the various locations around you.

You'll find plenty of bushes blocking your way; just lift them out of the way by using the throwing key (like you did to smash the pots in Grandpapa's house!).


When you arrive at Llanfair, speak to the man at his stall selling Mackerel. You'll then be interrupted with a new cutscene.

Grandpapa Plz

Four Elmer known as Brenedir, Mina, Finaan and Jep turn up to your village.

Brenedir announces he has found a Breton scouting party and believes they are planning to start war with the Elmer again. He has come to recruit people to help him fight the Breton.

Looks like you decide to join up, despite your Grandpapa's pleas!


Follow the Elmer to a cave and Brenedir will give you your own sword. Use it to smash a few bushes down and get a feel for your new weapon. This is going to come in very handy very soon!


Enter the cave to begin the search for the Breton. Brenedir and his party will cross a dangerous looking bridge, and sure enough, you fall to your doom.



Your first Dungeon puzzle awaits. You're now on your own and need to navigate the cave. This cave will give you a feel for how Airoheart plays and the kind of mechanics you'll need to use.

The fall will have knocked some of your health off- head to your right and you'll come across a pot with a green heart inside to get back to max health. Be careful of the path- if you fall you'll lose more health.

If you completely die, you'll get the option of respawning at the beginning of the cave. You'll likely be dying a lot as you get used to the gameplay, so don't fret!


Take out the little creature on the square platform and head north.

Cave 3

You'll see a locked door- you can find the key in a treasure chest in a room on your left. Kill the spider and eat the carrot in the crate to replenish some health if you need it.

Cave 4

Head back to the door and unlock it with your newly acquired key. Inside you'll find a Skeleton that'll take 3 hits to kill. Once you kill him, it will unlock a door to your right. The door up ahead is locked, so you'll need to find another key.

If you need more health, the two pots at the top of the locked door have health hearts.


Head to the room on the right to find two Skeletons. One of them has a key to the door, so take them out swiftly.

Pick up the key and then head back to the first room to unlock the door at the top of the stairs.


At the top of this next room is a Skeleton; take him out and then smash the pot on the right to reveal a door switch. Head through the door to B2.

Here you can find your first Bomb item from a pot on the right.

You can plant these bombs to blow up walls and enemies; they have a short fuse so get out of the way once planted. You can only carry 5 at a time so you might as well use them when you get a chance as they can be found all over.


Head to the center of the room and take out the two Skeletons.

Push the block next to the Treasure Chest to find a new key.


Then head back up the stairs and push another block to reach a locked door.



Next you'll come to a room with a spider and slime monsters. Take them out and head through the door to another area with another mob. Take it out and then go left to find a stairs to another doorway. Smash the pots for some beads and bombs.


You'll now enter B3 and see some skeletons below you. You can ignore these if you like but you might as well take them out and loots the pots for extra beads.


Head up the top path until you come to some spike traps.


Don't cross them yet; instead head all the way north under the bridge and you'll come to two treasure chests. Open them to find a new key and 20 Beads.


Now head across the spiked traps and you'll come to another locked door with a Skeleton. Take him out and enter the door.


You'll then come to the top of the bridge; head down and two slimes will spawn. Take them out swiftly and head to the room on your left.


At the bottom of this room are two blocks; push to the left-most one to open the door at the bottom.


You end up finding the Breton!

Some of them want to kill you, but others also say they want peace and make out that they aren't as bad as everyone says. They give you a key so that you can get out of the cave and leave safely. How nice!


Once you leave them, use the key in the room at the top and you'll come to another small cave with two pots containing health hearts.

Powder Keg

In the next room you'll notice a big Powder Keg, which can be used to blow up rocky walls. It can be quite hard to see where the rocky walls are- but it's to your right. Throw the Powder Keg at it to reveal a new secret room.

If you use the Powder Keg, you can also just plant a bomb at the wall's edge to open it up.


This secret room has lots of pots and a Treasure Chest. Loot up for those extra Beads and then head back into the room with the Powder Keg.


Head left to the next room, use your sword to break a crate and take out the Spider enemy. Keep heading left, looting all the pots around you and head through the left-most doorway.

Follow the rooms and you'll eventually come to find Brenedir again.


They have found a piece of the soulstone that was used to trap the powerful sorcerer Carthicus in! That strange voice also says you found a part of him- could the voice be the evil sorcerer???

Brenedir believe the Bretons are after the soulstone... it seems also that your brother, Xanatos, is the one leading them!


You end up heading back to your Grandpapa's with Benedir's party. He announces that the piece of the soulstone should stay with you for safe keeping, and in the mean time, you need to go and find more pieces!

Before you leave for your next adventure, your Grandpapa also gives you the Rune Staff. You can use this in conjunction with rune magic to cast spells. Unfortunately, you don't have any runes yet to use so it's of no immediate use!

And that wraps up part one of the Airoheart Walkthrough! Let us know if we missed anything and if you're enjoying playing Airoheart.

Oh and, are you playing controller or keyboard? Let us know!


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