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Fantasian - Void Realm

September 17, 2021

The Void Realm is the highest-level dungeon in Fantasian and is designed for players who have already completed the game. Combined with the mechanics of New Game+, the Void Realm features some of the toughest bosses in the game but also gives access to the best rewards, including Void Marble and Yim's Tear Upgrade items.

The Void Realm becomes accessible after defeating the Cinderella Tri-Stars for the final time at Shangri-La.

The are three levels that you can access in the Void Realm

  • Outer Void Realm - Level 60+
  • Middle Void Realm - Level 80+
  • ??? - Level 90+

This guide will showcase all the bosses you can find in the Void Realm.

New Game+

In order for you to be able to defeat the high-level realms, you'll need to start a New Game+. A New Game+ allows you to restart the entire game from scratch, but you carry forth all of your equipment and levels from your previous save. The monsters and bosses are more difficult in New Game+, but with the ability to take forward pre-existing levels, you should be able to manage it.

You can start a new game+ by heading to Shangri-La and head to the Altar. You must defeat the Cinderella Tri-Stars final battle in order to start a New Game+.

Tachyon Medal Fantasian

You must also acquire the Tachyon Medal from God Realm at the Sanctum - Laboratory (where the Resurrection Device is).

Outer Void Realm

This is the first realm in the Void Realm that you can take on. The Level Requirement is 65+, however, you can take on the first "round" of bosses in this area and get your first Void Marble items before having to start a new game+.

The Outer Void Realm is a shadow version of En. You cannot talk to any of the NPCs, but you can pick up some Elixirs around the area.

In this area, there are three mini-bosses and one main boss. You'll have to defeat the three mini-bosses in order to unlock the main boss. These bosses will feel familiar; they're beefed up versions of ones you've defeated before. The tactics, by and large, remain the same.

Outer Void Realm En

The mini-bosses are randomly selected for each play through. You can come across any of the following:

  • Frostian - 300,000HP
  • Eternal Darkness - 200,000 HP
  • Golem - 150,000 HP
  • 300 Enemies
  • Money-Money Tree

You can use the mini-map above to find the boss locations. The Elixir locations also seem to be randomized, so your Elixir Locations may look different to the ones above.

Once all three mini-bosses have been defeated, you can fight the main boss.

  • (A) - Elixir
  • (B) - Elixir
  • (C) - Elixir
  • (D) - Elixir
  • (E) - Elixir
  • 1 - Random Mini Boss
  • 2 - Random Mini Boss
  • 3 - Random Mini Boss

Head towards 4 to fight Yim. Defeating Yim gives you 2x Void Marble.

Boss Fight - Yim

Outer Void Realm - Yim

Outer Void Realm Yim Boss Stats

Yim - 400,000 HP

Yim is back and more powerful than ever. Yim uses an array of different elemental attacks, so you can't rely on equipping a single elemental-resistant gem for this fight. You also cannot cast Attack Down or Slow on this boss.

Yim will hit you with a single-target elemental attack like Plazma, Gaia, Darkness, Flare etc for around 5K HP. She will also cast a party-wide debuff, such as Attack Down, Guard Down or Slow.

You'll want to have Leo using Samidare for damage and Valrika with her Arrow Rain/Darkness attacks. Ez should be constantly casting Quick All, Attack All and Potion Up. Always counter Yim's debuff skill too.

Yim will use her Nihil Summoning, which summons 6 mobs for you to defeat. You can take them all out with Valrika's Arrow Rain with Attack Up cast on her. If you don't kill them all, then Yim's final move Nilhil Calamity will hit you really hard and wipe you out. You can switch out to a Guard Party of Leo, Kina and Zinikr to help survive the attack.

You'll also have to play the game of guess the right one when Yim uses her Mirror Of Distortion skill. Don't hang around during this, as each clone can hit you for hard damage. Not guessing the right one can ultimately lead to your parties demise as their attacks are very powerful.

Kina's Barrier All is great at preventing Yim's debuff attacks.

When Yim get's down to her last 100K HP, she'll buff up using Nihil Rampage and now cast two attacks at once. Play it safe and have Kina + Ez for healing whilst Leo deals all the damage.

Check out the video below:

Once you defeat Yim, you'll gain access to the Middle Void Realm!

You can now go back to Outer Void Realm and fight more bosses. The bosses are even more difficult now, so now might be the time to start a New Game+. Make sure you upgrade your weapons with your newly acquired Void Marbles!

We'll keep this guide updated as we explore more of the Void Realm!

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I wanted to share that I had good luck using Zinikr on Yim. He has Energize and Iron Wall that can help negate Nihil Despair. And I've been able to deal 25K-30k damage between his Concentrate + Support (Charge) + Revenge passive with Gaia Strike or Payback (when ready). This is surprisingly more useful than Valrika's attacks. Love his durable HP and ability to guard and heal too!
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I already reached end game and about to enter new game+, just wanna add that there is a sp capsule in Vibra palace great hall right side upper floor. That makes a total of 44 sp capsule as of now.
User Icon
Where did you get the additional sp capsules
User Icon
I ran into the Fire Salamander here too my first time through
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