Fantasian Quests

Fantasian Quests

calendar_todayPosted on 22nd April 2021

Fantasian offers plenty of side-quests to keep you busy throughout the game and they also provide some of the best rewards, so it's well worth completing them. This guide will show all the quests available in Fantasian and how to complete them.

This guide is currently a work in progress and will be updated periodically! Check out the Fantasian - Complete Walkthrough and Guide page for more.

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Fantasian Quests

Sick Mother

Sick Mother Quest Fantasian

Location: Frontier Of En - New District

Rewards: Iron Key

Find the lost boy of a mother who is worried about him. This means heading to En - Old District.

The boy is located at the top of En - Old District to the left of Owen's Shop.

Fantasian Quest - Mother Sick Lost Boy Location

Once you found the boy, select the following options:

  • Your mother is looking for you.
  • Your mother is crying for you.
  • How could you make her cry like that?!
  • Go on home and let her know you're safe!

Head back to En - New District and talk to the mother to get your reward.

His Whereabouts

Location: Frontier Of En - New District

Rewards: Ether S x3, +500 G

In order to complete this quest, you need access to En - New District - Harbour, which is unlocked after you speak to Sid about travelling on the Urza.

Quest - His Whereabouts

The boyfriend is hanging out an the En - New District - Harbour where a giant Anchor is hanging on the wall. Talk to him and he will give you Lover's Letter.

Head back to En - New District Public Square and give the lady the letter.

Beloved Cat

Beloved Cat Quest Fantasian

Location: En - Old District

Rewards: Iron Key, +1200 G

You're tasked with finding a lost striped cat. The cat itself is hidden in En - New District, but first you need to collect a Piranhara Bones from the stones at Mountain Path Connecting to En. These are needed to lure and capture the cat.

Beloved Cat Location Fantasian Quest

Head now to En - New District. There is a small opening that you can interact with on the left side of Starry Eyes [Bar].

You'll be given the option to squeeze through- do so and enter the Residence house.

Inside there are two Treasure Chests: 1000 G and Energy Drink x5.

Walk towards the dark striped cat and you'll attract it's attention with the Piranhaha Bones and allow you to capture it.

Head back to En - Old District and give the man back his cat.


Researcher Quest Fantasian

Location: Vence - Central Vence (Residence House)

Rewards: Obsidian, 2,500 G

You can find the Researcher in quest in a Residential House in Central Vence. The quest becomes available after you have obtained the Warp Device.

You're tasked with getting Mechteria samples from East Vence - Deserted Area. Use the map below for their locations. Once you have all 5, return back to the Researcher for your reward.

Research - Locations

Bait For Fishing

Bait For Fishing Fantasian

Location: Vence - Harbor

Reward: Iron Key - 2,000 G

A man at the end of one of the piers needs some fishing bait. Once you accept his quest, head to West Vence - Marketplace where you can buy weapons and items. An NPC there will give you 1x Bait when you talk to them. You can see them on the mini-map for their location.

Knuckles Development

Knuckles Development - Fantasian

Location: West Vence

Reward: Seashell Knuckles

In order to complete Knuckles Development, you need to have completed Picking Up Shells Quest first.

Knuckles Development Quest House

You can find the quest in West Vence in one of the Residential Houses on the same side as the Innocent Eyes [Bar]. A man will ask you to bring him a rare seashell found in the Royal Capital. In actuality, you get the rare seashell as a reward from completing the Picking Up Shells quest: Metallic Shell.

Once you've completed that quest, head back to the man and turn in the quest for rewards.

Letter To A Friend

Letter To A Friend

Location: Royal Capital - Town Center

Reward: Onyx M, Mechteria Key, 5000 G

Letter To A Friend Quest

You can find this quest in the Royal Capital - Town Center. An old man wants you to give a letter to a friend who was an Uzra passenger; this quest involves talking to several different people in Vence.

First go to Central Vence - City Hall. Talk to the person behind the desk, they tell you to head to the Inn.

Second go to Central Vence - Sandview [Inn] and speak to one of the ladies sat on the sofas. She tells you to go to the Observation Deck.

Third go to Central Vence - City Hall and go up the stairs to the Observation Deck. Speak to the lady who is looking out to the sky. She tells you go to a bridge.

Letter To A Friend - Man Bridge

Fourth go to West Vence and go to the bridge that leads you to the market. Speak to the man on the bridge and he will tell you to go to the bar.

Fifth go to West Vence - Innocent Eyes [Bar] and speak to the middle customer and he tells you to go to someone else's house.

Letter To A Friend - Someone Else's House

Sixth go to West Vence and go to Residence House that is above the canal leading to the Fortune Teller's house. Inside you'll find a drunk man and an old man at the table. Speak to the old man and he will give you a postcard to deliver to the old man at the Royal Capital - Town Center.

Finally head back to Royal Capital - Town Center and speak to the man who gave you the quest.

Picking Up Shells

Picking Up Shells - Fantasian Quest

Location: Vibra - Outskirts

Reward: Metellic Shell

Speak to the boy on the beach of Vibra - Outskirts. He wants you to find a really nice looking shell for his mother. Once the quest is activated, several different floor loot options pop-up, which all contain different shells.

Picking Up Shells - Map

You want to grab the shell behind the Barrel at the far-right of Vibra - Outskirts. Give that to him and he'll reward you. The other shells don't matter.

New Product Flyers

New Product Flyers Quest - Fantasian

Location: Royal Captial - Town Center

Reward: Mechteria Key, 5000 G

A man at the center of the Town Center wants to put up posters for him to promote his business. As soon as you activate the quest, several locations pop-up allowing you to put up the posters. Use the map below for all the locations:

Flyer Locations

Afterwards, speak to the man for your reward.

True Dimengeon

True Dimengeon - Quest Fantasian

Location: Vibra - Outskirts (Ez's house)

Reward: Upgraded Dimengeon (holds 40 monsters)

Inside Ez's house in Vibra Outskirts, one of the worker boys will offer to upgrade your Dimengeon Device.

First he requires 1x Magic Crystal and 1x Battery. These items are pretty common to get and usually drop from one of the mobs you've already been fighting on your journey, so you should have no problem finding them.

Afterwards the boy tells you to go to Royal Captial - Town Center and pick up a Circuit Board. The type of board needed varies each playthrough, so make sure you note down which one it is he asks for. If you choose the wrong one, just go back to the boy and get another Deal Ticket.

Boy - Royal Capital - True Dimengeon

When you arrive in Royal Capital - Town Center, first speak to one of the boys who shows you the secret location for the trade. Then go to the alleyway across from him and speak to the man inside. He will give you a choice of Circuit Boards to choose from.

Once you've picked the right one, head back to the boy at Ez's house and give him the required Circuit Board.

Cinderella Tri-Stars

Cinderella Tri Stars Quest Fantasian

Location: Multiple Locations

Reward: N/A

Currently, this quest cannot be fully completed until part 2 of Fantasian is released. The Cinderella Tri-Stars appear at certain points in the stories:

  • When you visit En - New District for the first time with Kina and head to the tower.
  • When you find the Midi Toy Box
  • You can find the next place at Royal Capital - Main Street. Their symbol is on the wall- interact with it to summon them.

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