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Fantasian Cinderella Tri-Star Locations

September 17, 2021

The Cinderella Tri-Stars are a reoccurring boss fight that you'll come across multiple times throughout your Fantasian Journey. In part two, you have to search all over for the special Cinderella Tri-Star Locations in order to unlock the final boss at Shangri-La.

Each time you defeat a Cinderella Tri-Star battle, you gain a Cinderella Badge. These badges can be used to unlock the final boss at Shangri-La Altar.

There are seven badges you need to collect. The first two are part of the Fantasian Story, and then after that you can seek them out for yourself as an optional Side-Quest.

You must defeat them in order as their marking will only show up once you've defeated the previous boss. The boss fights get more and more difficult- but you can take on this side quest at any time (so you can essentially over-level for the earlier quests to make it easier).

Check out their Locations below:

1. Story in En

When you visit En - New District for the first time with Kina and head to the tower.

2. Midi Toy Box

When you find the Midi Toy Box for the first time, the Cinderella Tri-Stars will appear and greet you.

3. Vibra - Royal Capital - Main Street

Vibra - Main Street

You can find the next place at Royal Capital - Main Street. Their symbol is on the wall- interact with it to summon them.

4. Frozen Tundra

Frozen Tundra Cinderella Tri-Stars

Head to Frozen Tundra - Center (the second map in) and you can find the Cinderella Tri-Star mark on a wall to the north

5. Hidden Valley

Hidden Valley - Cinderella Tri Stars

You can find the 5th battle at Hidden Valley - Duet Path

6. Ancient Hill

Ancient Hill - Cinderella Tri Stars

The sixth can be found on the other side of the river in Ancient Hill. You must complete the quest The Golem's Revival in order to access the other side of Ancient Hill.

7. Nameless Island

Nameless Island - Cinderella Tri Stars

You can find the final Cinderella Tri-Stars badge at Nameless Islands - Depths (or teleport to Nameless Island - Grave) and head to your right.

Final Boss Battle - Cinderella Tri-Stars

Cinderella Tri Stars Shangri La

Once you have collected all 7 badges, you can then proceed to fight the final boss battle at Shangri-La Fallen City (or teleport to Shangri-la Altar).

Cinderella Tri Stars




If you can equip status nullifying gems such as Phantom Quartz, Iris Quartz, Citrine Quartz and Rose Quartz it can help make the battle a lot easier. Folt will constantly be putting your party under pressure with Curse, Seal and Sleep; Morrigan can also cast Berserk and Poison too.

Having Kina cast Barrier can also help prevent the status ailments if you're low on gems.

This fight is all about managing your party; you'll want to switch between your characters to help tank damage at critical points too.

This boss battle sees you face off against Morrigan, Dotty and Folt with all their mechanics from previous battles thrown in.

The beginning of the fight will see two Hades 2.0 mobs; you'll want to take these out ASAP as they will constantly be casting buffs on the trio. They don't respawn, so once they're gone, they're gone.

The trio spawn with a 20-shield Barrier, so have Valrika using her Arrow Rain to slowly destroy these.

All three have their own power up moves with Dotty's being the hardest to block. You'll want to make sure you get his Barrier destroyed as soon as possible so you can cast attack down debuffs on him. Failing that, you can summon Barriers on your party and Guard Up to help negate the damage. Take the start of the fight slow as there are a lot of mechanics to deal with.

When Folt uses his power-up move, he'll summon lots of Ribbidons that will heal the trio and deal small damage to you. It's a good idea to have Valrika take these out as they are resistant to most elemental attacks.

Morrigan will use her Death attack where she splits into three people and then casts Berserk. During this time you'll want to heal up and not attack any of the clones otherwise it triggers instant-death.

Taking out Folt first seems to be the easiest option because Dotty will constantly be raising his guard to block your attacks.

Check out the video guide below for more tips:

At the end of the fight, three chests will drop from the sky. Opening them gives you: Ultimate Guardx2, Holy Belt.

If you go back to the Altar, it will say you can enter it when you have a Tachyon Medal, this will allow you to start a New Game+ (which carriers over all your equipment and levels from your current save, but you start the game from the beginning).

Tachyon Medal Fantasian

You can acquire the Tachyon Medal from God Realm at the Sanctum - Laboratory (where the Resurrection Device is).

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