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Fantasian Missing Robots Locations - Restoring the Base

September 2, 2021

Restoring The Base is a story quest in Fantasian for finding the missing robots from the Secret Base. Their locations are scattered all around the world of Fantasian and this guide will show you exactly where you can find them.

You can find the robots in any order, but some can only be found after progressing through parts of the story in Fantasian. There are 10 missing robots in total.

Upon finding your first Robot, you'll get the story quest Restoring The Base.

The rewards you get are based on the total number of Robots you find. It doesn't matter which order you find them in.

Robot Rewards

  • Find 1 Robot: Machine Key
  • Find 2 Robots: Phantom Quartz, Lost In The Multiverse Story Quest (Find Kina and Cheryl)
  • Find 3 Robots: Machine Key, Restores Power and allows you to use the Upgrade Weapons/Armor terminal.
  • Find 4 Robots: Anima Globe
  • Find 5 Robots: Machine Key x2, Defending The Base Story Quest (unlocks Prickle's Growth Map)
  • Find 6 Robots: Unfamiliar Stone, Find missing locked Treasure Chests from the communicator
  • Find 7 Robots: Machine Key
  • Find 8 Robots: Mirage Band, Omega Quest
  • Find 9 Robots: Machine Key x2
  • Find 10 Robots: Hard Bullet, Upgrades Prickle's Divine Artefact.

Southern Forest Robot

Southern Forest Robot

You can find a missing Robot in Southern Forest at the beginning of the level. Take a left to find a pool of water and you'll notice a robot floating nearby.

Reward: Machine Key

En - New District Robot

En - New District Robot

If you head to En - New District and go to the far left of the map you can find a Robot next to a pile of junk. This is the same spot where you first warp to En in part one of Fantasian.

En - New District - Harbor

Missing Robot - En Harbor

There is another Robot to be found in En. Head to the En - New District - Harbor and go all the way around it to the right. Eventually you'll come to some steps and find a Missing Robot next to a Treasure Chest.

Uzra - Deck (Bow)

Uzra - Deck (Bow)

The next Robot can be found on the Uzra - Deck (Bow) to the right on the ship.

West Vence - Marketplace

Vence - Western Marketplace Robot

You can find another missing Robot in the river beds of West Vence. Teleport to West Vence - Marketplace and then you will need to open two of the water bridges to drain the water and give you access to the floor. This is the same process that was done to find the Fortune Teller in Part One.

East Vence - Deserted Area

Missing Robot - Vence - Eastern

You can find a Robot in East Vence - Deserted Area. This one is a bit tricky as the Robot looks a lot like a ball of Mechteria. You can find it just before crossing the water on the Gondola.

Vibra - Outskirts

Missing Robot - Outskirts

Head to the beach at Vibra - Outskirts to find another missing comrade.

Vibra - Royal Capital - Town Center

Missing Robot - Royal Capital Town Center

To get to this Robot you need to jump into the Wormhole at the Mecha Infestation in Machine Realm. It will take you several (a total of 6) goes for you to be teleported to the roof of Royal Capital Town Center.

Falcion Bypath - Bluff

Missing Robot - Falcion Bypath

Just before the Volcanic Cavern, if you go up the mountain and to the left, you can find a Missing Robot next to a couple of trees.

Heart Of The Infestation

Missing Robot Mechteria Infestation

The final Robot is found in the middle of the first map in the Heart Of The Infestation. You'll lose your health rapidly here by walking around if you haven't yet completed the quest Researcher Cont'd for this part of the story.

In order to access the Heart Of The Infestation you need to complete Zinikr's Story Quest Echos In The Sandseas.

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I wish I knew where heart of the infestation is! I’ve been going around getting stomped by the OP quest bosses at the end of each area looking for it (at level 45 T-T ). Originally thought I was pretty good at this game
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It's at the top of the map; you first need to complete Zinikr's Divine Artifact upgrade quest first to be able to access it. This should be included in a future guide at some point.
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Where is Falcion Bypath - Bluff located? Is there a “full map” we could have to identify all places and such?
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Loving your Fantasian guide, it’s awesome! (and so is the game !!!) Just a tip: for the robot on top of the roof in Vibra Town, you can actually access it from the residence, taking the stairs and then ladder to the top, and emerging on the roof. No need for the wormhole ;)
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Mam je všechny a stejně není konec .. jeden robot je nad dveřmi na robotické základně :( ale nevím jsk k němu .. pleas help
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"I have them all and it's still not over .. one robot is above the door on the robot base :( but I don't know where to go to him .. please help" Do you mean the one in Vibra?
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