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Fantasian - Palace Under Attack - Bernard's Laboratory - Part 18 - Walkthrough

September 14, 2021

Now that we have all our party members back, it's time to go upgrading their Divine Artifacts and figuring out how to stop Jas. This part of the Fantasian Walkthrough will see us complete the Story Quest Palace Under Attack and Bernard's Laboratory.

Our first port of call is back at the Vibra Palace. You can pick up the Palace Under Attack Story Quest from Valrika's Laboratory after rescuing Cheryl and Kina.

Palace Under Attack

Vibra Palace

Location: Vibra Palace

Teleport to Vibra Palace - Courtyard to start this Story Quest. The palace is besieged with Mechteria mobs and in order to reach the Palace you need to take out a few battles along the way. You can also find the follow items from these Treasure Chests:

  • (A) - Whetstone
  • (B) - Onyx L
  • (C) - Cyclone Ring

Head inside the Vibra Palace : Great Hall (D). After a short cutscene, your next boss battle will start.

Boss Battle - Infernal Mechteria Blob

Infernal Mechteria Blob Boss

Infernal Mechteria Blob Stats

Infernal Mechteria Blob - 60,000 HP

If you have any Snow Quartz, equip them to help with protect against Petrification.

In this battle, you'll have to use Cheryl as a non-changeable character. This boss can only be damage when it raises it's arms and opens its mouth, so timing is key. Using Cheryl's Knight Impact will deal lots of damage to it.

You'll want Ez and Valrika for buffing and debuffing the giant blob as it's attacks are very strong without protection.

Infernal Mechteria Blob will cast Miasma that hits hard and casts Petrification. It also has a single-target swipe attack and then a final Ground Shatter attack that hits everyone incredibly hard.

You'll want to use Arrow Rain on the mobs to help keep the blob from being too overly buffed. The main focus should be preventing the blob from having damage up.

Check out the video guide below:

After the battle, Cheryl will upgrade her Divine Artifact!

You'll also get a special item Flame of Vibra, this will allow you to take on Queendom Trial and activate the Story Quest Long Live the Queen.

Long Live the Queen is recommended level at 49- you shouldn't be close to that just yet, so we'll go take on some of the other Story Quests first.

You can go back inside the Royal Palace - Great Hall and pick up Magic Crystal Powder for the Gate of Intellect that unlocks Mystery Potion for Tan.

Bernard's Laboratory

This story quest can be picked up in Valrika's Laboratory.

Hidden Valley Location

Hidden Valley

Valrika suspects you may find more information on the God Realm by going to Bernard's Laboratory. To access this new area you must use the Uzra and fly to the right side of the map. Instead of going north, just keep heading right and you'll come to the area.

As soon as you arrive at the place, Leo's Gauntlet will reveal a Hidden Valley.

Hidden Valley: Duet Path

Location: Hidden Valley: Duet Path

Here you can find

  • (A) Smoky Quartz
  • (E) Citrine Quartz (floor loot)
  • (C) Ether L
  • (B) Cursed Doll

Go to the next map (D). Find these items:

Location: Hidden Valley: Trio Path

Hidden Valley: Triple Path

You can find the following items from Treasure Chests here:

  • (A) - Order Motes
  • (B) - Amethyst L
  • (C) - Whetstone x2
  • (D) - Cursed Staff

You can enter Hidden Valley Bernard's Laboratory from two separate paths. You'll want to take the top-most path (E) first so you can pick up Force Diffusion Plan.

Hidden Valley: Bernard's Laboratory

Location: Hidden Valley - Bernard's Laboratory

Go back and take the bottom path (F), and pick up the following along the way you can find:

  • (A) - Force Diffusion Plan
  • (B) - SP Capsule
  • (C) - Order Motes x2

Now enter Bernard's Laboratory - 1F (D). Looks like Leo's dad left you a surprise...

Boss Fight - Cerberona & Phoenica

Cerberona and Phenica

Phoenica Boss

Cerberona Boss Stats

If you have any Smoky Quartz available, equip them now. This will prevent the Mist attacks this boss uses.

Tail Mist will cast Mist on everyone in the party. He can also use Dark Bomb, so equip any Dark Resistant (Onyx) Gems.

The key to this battle is making sure Valrika has Cursed Voice ability from the Growth Map. This will prevent the boss from using Super Heal and nullifying all your hard work. If you can cast it on both bosses, this boss is a walk in the park.

Have Leo deal damage with Samidare and have Ez cast all the buffs for you. This boss is resistant to dark damage, so use Leo's Solar Flare Tension skill when possible.

Check out the video guide below:

Once the boss is defeated, head inside the Bernard's Laboratory. Ignore the Chaos Treasure Chest for now and instead go to the shelf to pick up a Mirage Band. Interact with the notes on the table for a quick cutscene.

You can find a Sepia Quartz underneath the staircase.

You've now upgraded Leo's Artifact!

If you go upstairs, you'll find several chests you cannot open yet. Interact with the notes on the table and Valrika will study them to figure out a way to the God Realm. However, you don't want to go there just yet as it's for level 50+ and we've got a lot more work to do first.

That wraps up this part of the Fantasian Walkthrough. Let us know how you felt about these two bosses- they are pretty easy once you understand the mechanics, right?

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In the Bernard's Laboratory - 1F below the stairs there is a Sepia Quartz
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Thank you!
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After get Flame of Vibra, go behind the king's back, there is a chest contain Emerald XL
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Emerald XL behind the throne after Garland speaks to you and gives flame of Vibra
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Using Ez‘s Vacuum skill to bring together the small enemies at the location of the blob and then hitting with Rain of Arrows turned the fight against the blob to a really easy thing for me. The attach hits so hard that all small enemies should be done after one attack. This way they never really got to buff the blob…
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