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Fantasian - Ancient Hill - Walkthrough - Part 8

July 30, 2021

Now that you have the Warp Device, you have a bit more freedom. If you missed any of the quests from before, you can go back and complete them.

Key Notes

  • Items: Staff Of Live, Bloody Sword, Mithril Ring (shop), Mithril Guard (shop), Owen's Staff, Small Agate
  • Bosses: 1
  • Notes: Quest Researcher, Quest, Knuckles Development
  • Locations: En, Ancient Hill, West Vence.

Your next step is to go the Starry Eyes [Inn] in En - New District. However, before you do that, I recommend the following:

  • Warp to Central Vence to pick up a new quest called Researcher from one of the Residential Houses.
  • Warp to Uzra - Engine Room and open the three Mechteria Chests (assuming you have three Mechteria Keys, if not, go grind some Key Orblings in Eastern Vence). You can obtain Staff Of Life, Ruby M, Bloody Sword.

Now let’s continue with the main story. Head to En - New District and go see Sid in Starry Eyes [Inn].

Apparently Owen has been by and he’s not doing too well. He has left a letter to Kina and apparently he is headed for the Ancient Hills.

Before you head that way go to Heavy Metal [Weapon Shop] and buy a Mithril Ring for Cheryl and some Mithril Guard armor.

Go to En - New District - Harbor and you’ll notice a new location has opened up. Head there to go to the World Map.

There are some new mobs: Kackle, Fire Squeaker, Ice Squeaker, Goblin Guard, Goblin, Goblin Mage, Large Wolzas

Large Wolzas

Ice Squeaker


Goblin Mage

Goblin Guard


Fire Squeaker

Before you go into Ancient Hill, you can pick up floor loot on either side of the entrance: Pick Me Up Flower x5, Ether L

Location: Ancient Hill

There are new mobs to watch out for: Ice Slime, Fire Slime

Ice Slime

Fire Slime

Once you enter Ancient Hill, you’ll notice Tan up ahead. When you reach him a new cutscene and battle will start. Tan temporarily joins up with you to help dispatch the enemies. After the battle Tan leaves again.

Before heading off, go to your left and pick up the Potion S from the floor. There is also a Treasure Chest with Heal Stone inside. At the top of the same path is another Treasure Chest containing Small Agate.

Head back to the Save Point and take the path north. Once you climb up the first bridge there is 200 G on the floor. Follow the path round until you get to Ancient Hill - Nail Rock Region.

Location: Ancient Hill - Nail Rock Region

A lot of this area is inaccessible at the moment. Perhaps you can come back here later. Anyhow, follow the bridges until you get to Ancient Hill - River.

You may encounter a Special Enemy called Funi here. Funi require you to perform tasks in battle, such as give him items or deal X amount of damage. As a reward, he crafts you special jewels.

Location: Ancient Hill - River

When you come to Ancient Hill - River, there is a Save Point. Heal up and prepare for another boss fight. Follow the path around and you’ll see Owen on the floor.

Boss Fight - Golem

Golem Battle - Fantasian


Golem - 18,000 HP

Golem has three parts: two arms and a body. Your first task should be to take out his arms to prevent his Pummel ability causing too much damage.

Golem uses Earth, which deals around 1k to a single target.

Golem’s Pummel deals 1k damage per hit and can target two different members. If you can get Leo’s Helm Bash to lower the Golem’s Defense that can make it easier.

At some point the Golem will use Silvery Ray. This will hit all three members for over 1.5k damage, so as soon as it lands start healing like mad with Leo and Kina and even get Cheryl to throw in a few Potion S.

Rewards: 888 EXP, 3130 G

After the fight you are teleported back to Owen’s house in En - Old District. After a short cutscene with Owen, you’re next instructed to find the Fortune Teller in Vence.

Owen Kina Save

Don’t forget to equip Owen’s Staff to Kina!

Location: West Vence

West Vence

Warp to West Vence. You can now ride around Vence with a Gondola- this allows us to access other parts of Vence. First let’s collect various loot from the surrounding houses:

If you head past the Innocent Eyes [Bar] (A**) you’ll come to two houses. Enter the first (F**) with the Owl on the table. Inside is a Treasure Chest containing a Snow Quartz. In the house (G**) before the bridge you can pick up a new quest Knuckles Development. In the same house on the dresser is an Opal S.

Cross the bridge underneath an umbrella table is a Potion S. When you walk between the two buildings you come across a boy who can give you instructions on how to find the Fortune Teller. Luckily for you, you don’t need to pay him as you have this guide!

Before finding the Fortune Teller, continue down the street towards two houses; the one on your left (H**) contains a Treasure Chest with a Sapphire S, Glue in the bin and Phoenix Feather on the chair.

The other house (I**) contains nothing.

Just by the bridge is a canal opener (J**). Interacting it will allow water to flow to the next part of the city. Once you’ve released the water, head across the bridge, pick up the Ether S from a nearby Barrel and head towards the market. Get on a Gondola (K**) and use it to sail to the new area you’ve just unlocked. Here you’ll find a Locked Treasure Chest (Iron Key) containing a Remedy.

Next head back to where the boy who gives you advice is. There is another canal opener (L**) and this time close it off so that a bridge is formed to the house (M**) on the other side. Enter it to find a Treasure Chest containing 2,000 G. You can also find a Clock Of Truth on the side by the washing up and a Potion S on the table.

You’ll notice outside the house is a ladder going down to the water. We need to close the water off in order to get access to the Fortune Teller. In order to do this you need to get on a Gondola (N**) and sail to the port (O**) at the far side of West Vence.

There are two houses here. One (P**) with a Locked Chest (Iron Key) that contains 3x Potion L. The other house (Q**) has a Potion L in one of the shelves and a Remedy in the cupboard. There is also a Treasure Chest containing 3,000 G.

Outside, open the Treasure Chest (R**) containing 10x Ice Fragments and then use the canal opener (S**) to close off the water. You can now gain access to the Fortune Teller (T**). Head across the bridge back to the house (M**) with the ladder and go down into the now dry land. You’ll find 500 G on the floor, head under the bridge and you’ll come to West Vence - Waterway Depths (T**).

Location: West Vence - Waterway Depths

Use the Save Point and heal up. Before you go into the Fortune Teller’s house collect the Ether S from barred off tunnel and open the Treasure Chest for Dark Fragment x3.

Once you enter the Fortune Teller’s house, Kina and Cheryl will no longer be a part of your party until Part 2 of Fantasian is released.

West Vence - Fortune Teller

Talk to the Fortune Teller at the table.

After a long cutscene in which Vam imprisons Cheryl and Kina you’r back outside with Leo. Get Leo to enter the house for another cutscene in which Cheryl and Kina are taken to the Machine World.

That's the end of this part of the Fantasian Walkthrough!

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