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Fantasian - Coliseum - Underground Jail - Part 10

July 30, 2021

After the incidents in the Machine Realm, you’re back with Leo in West Vence marketplace. Before you begin your next adventure, you can buy a new Enhanced Sword from the Tidal Wave [Weapon Shop] vendor.

Key Notes

  • Items: Enhanced Sword (shop), Tazanite, Tough Belt
  • Bosses: 2
  • Notes:
  • Locations: Coliseum - Underground Jail, Ancient Mountain Path

Your next top is to head to the Uzra to talk to the Captain Zinirk. You can warp directly to his room and as soon as you enter a new cutscene will start.

Princess Cheryl - Magazine

Somehow looking at the magazine feature of Cheryl allows you to teleport to her bedroom.

Use the Warp Device to warp to Vibra Royal Castle - Cheryl’s Bedroom. After a rather bizarre cutscene, you end up in the Coliseum - Royal Jail.

Location: Coliseum - Royal Jail

The guy in green let’s you buy items, including a Tanzanite that gives HP every turn. It’s not super useful, but it’s a new item.

Speak to Captain Zinikr a couple of times to start a new cutscene. Looks like you’ve got to fight for your freedom in a tournament. Speak to Zinikr to start the tournament.

As soon as it starts, you need to fight all the different opponents in the arena. Start with the green goblins at the top of your screen. Pick one side to take out first, otherwise you have to fight all the mobs at once.

Next up is a couple of Wolzas and a goblin. After, when you move to the centre you’ll notice a boy running away. Head up top, past the giant winged beast, to take on the knights and bandits.

To the right is a giant Zoragan to fight. After you defeat it a new cutscene will happen. Head back to the centre for another battle with some bandits. Afterwards, heal up because you’re going to take on a boss.

Head left towards where you started and you should see the kid again.

Boss - Minotaurus


Minotaurus - 10,040 HP

The little kid summons a Minotaurus to fight you.

Get Leo and Zinirk to use Helm Bash and Blade Break to debuff him.

During the fight the kid will cast buffs on the monster and attack you for small damage.

The Minotaurus will use Wipe Out which hits both of you for pretty high damage.

His Intimidate move will debuff your damage and make you lose a turn.

The Minotaurus can also use Stance Of Desperation when his HP is low.

After you dispatch the boss, the kid will put some sleep trance on you and tell you a sob story.

Rewards: 1300 EXP, 4580 G

After the fight, you all end up back in jail due to the kid using a disqualified item. Go figure.

The kid reveals his name is Ez. Talk to the guard outside the cell - he will get distracted by something. Then speak to Ez.

Ez will unlock the cell door and join your party.

Once out of your cell, you can free the other prisoners for various benefits. The first guy says to meet him at the Inn in the Royal Captial - Town Center (he will give you 2x Elixir). Move along to your left and a new cutscene will start where there is a giant hole in the ground for you to escape in.

Head back to towards your cell and you’ll notice a set of stairs going up. Follow them round and Leo conveniently finds the Warp Device and Dimengeon Device. Ez will open a chest and you’ll get the following: Fire Fragment x16, Ice Fragment x16, Ltng Fragment x16, Earth Fragment x16, Hard Shell x16, Protein Drink x5, Energy Drink x5, Rock Hammer x5 and Pick-me-up-flower x5.

Open the Treasure Chest beside the one Ez opened to get a Potion L. Head back to the hole in the ground and jump through it.

You’ll come to Royal Capital - Tunnel Site. Open the Treasure Chest in your immediate path to get 5x Energy Drink. Before going to the Quarry, head up the stairs to your right and open the Treasure Chest for 3x Potion L.

Location: Ancient Mountain Path - Quarry

The Ancient Mountain path is home to some new mobs: Lightning Wing, Lightning Squeaker, Lightning Orbling, Wing Burst, Fire Orbling, Ice Orbling, Earth Orbling

Earth Orbling

Fire Orbling

Ice Orbling

Lightning Wing

Lightning Squeaker

Lightning Orbling

Wing Burst

On your immediate right is a Treasure Chest containing Protein Drink x3. Follow the path all the way to your right to open a Treasure Chest with x10 Earth Fragments. Then head upwards to find another Treasure Chest with x9 Potion S.

Keep following the path upwards until you get to the top. On your left, have Leo slide alongside the wall to get to a Treasure Chest with a Amethyst M inside. Now head to Ancient Mountain Path - Valley.

Location: Ancient Mountain Path - Valley

Ancient Mountain Path - Valley

As you enter the Valley, head down the first staircase you see and open the Treasure Chest (A)containing Hard Shell x5.

Head back up and jump over the ledge. Follow the path round until you come to two small buildings. Inside one of them is a Machine Treasure Chest (B) which you cannot open yet. If you head left you’ll find a Treasure chest (C) containing 10,000 G.

If you now follow the path right and down the stairs you can find a Treasure Chest (D) with a Tough Belt. Now go back up the stairs and follow the path right until you come to a bridge and a new cutscene starts. Walk across the bridge to get to Overlook (E).

Location: Ancient Mountain Path - Overlook

On your right is a Treasure Chest containing a Potion L. Head to the Save Point and heal up.

Boss Fight - Lyranodon

Lyranodon Fantasian

Lyranodon - Boss Fight

Lyranodon - 30,000 HP

The Lyranodon uses lightning to charge it’s main powerful attack Lightning Storm. The attack will also knock your whole party to the edge of a cliff; if you take four hits, your game will end. So the trick is to prevent him charging his main attack.

You do this by using Captain Zinikr’s Taunt skill. This will cause the Lightning Orbs to focus their attacks on him, rather than using their Lightning to charge the Lyranodon’s attack.

If you kill all the Lightning Orbs, Lyranodon will use Call to resummon them. Leave two standing and then go to town on the boss. Ez's Terra Grenade is highly effective against the Lightning Orbs.

If you do get hit with the Lightning Storm, you can use Ez’s All Potion S to heal everyone effectively. Make sure to use Leo’s Helm Bash to lower the boss’s defence.

Lyranodon uses Strange Voice to knock out any buffs you might have and also lower your attack, so it’s not really worth using Ez’s buff skills.

In between using Taunt, you can also use Zinikr’s Earth Strike to deal hefty damage.

Rewards: 1875 EXP, 7270 G

After the battle, head down the stairs Vibra - Outskirts.

That wraps up this part of the Fantasian Walkthrough!

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