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Fantasian Part Two Release Date

Fantasian Part Two Release Date

calendar_todayPosted on 23rd June 2021

Fantasian is an RPG that was split into two parts with part one being released in April 2021, so when is Part Two coming?

Fantasian was first announced in March 2019 with the announcement of Apple Arcade subscription service. Mistwalker Corp is the developer, whose creator is Hironobu Sakaguchi, the man who conceived the original Final Fantasy game! Other familiar faces include Nobuo Uematsu, the legendary composer for the Final Fantasy series. With some of the biggest names in the JRPG world, the project was already receiving attention from fans very early on.

When Fantasian Part One was released in April 2021, it was met with a general positive reception. On Metacritic, it is currently sitting on a score of 8.9 for User scores, suggesting the game successfully scratched the itch that JRPG fans had been wanting.

Part Two of Fantasian Release Date

UPDATE: Fantasian Part Two will be released on August 13th 2021!

The only bit of concrete information we have about Fantasian Part Two is that it is set to be released in the second half of 2021.

No official release date has yet been announced, however, the Mistwalker team have been posting updates of part two on their Twitter regularly since release, so we can hope it's not going to be too long.

UPDATE (30/07/2021)

What to Expect from Part Two of Fantasian?

We know that part two of Fantasian is going to be different to that of part one. Part two is said to open up the world of Fantasian and to be more-quest based, allowing the player to explore and have more freedom. This is evident with the Growth Map that players get to experience at the end of part one.

We will also likely see more of Tension Skills, with a few sneak peaks being shown on Twitter.

If you've completed Part One, your saved data will carry over to Part Two when the game is released, so you can farm some G whilst you wait! Don't forget to check out the Fantasian Secrets that you might have missed in Part One too.

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Comments Section

Just started the second half of the game and enjoying the kick off. Can’t wait to find everyone and get the band back together.

Me too! I'm finding the mobs to be a lot stronger this time around too :o

Hello and thank you for this site full of information and advice!

I started part 2 (5 or 6 hours of games) and there is really something to do!
There are some good ideas from the developers, like the fact that characters who don't go to battle still gain experience!

However, beware: it is easy, during quests or exploration, to reach areas that are a little (much) too high for our level and with the active dimengeon you will only know it too late (in monsters of a few levels more in single combat it's ok, but in a group it's guaranteed death!)
I got screwed, dimengeon full during the first side quests and impossible to kill all the monsters actually !

So if you explore think to cut it or at least empty it frequently (before it is halfway for example).

And last point, I have the impression that the difficulty of the monsters (and bosses) has been revised upwards (the money tree hurt me despite my level 37 and that the quest was for level 34 I think).

Good discovery to everyone and I look forward to reading the next articles on this site.

PS : text translate with traductor

@digitalTQ: Are you going to update this guide and walkthroughs for the part 2 content? Your guide has been a huge help so far! Thanks

Yep will do! Going to complete it first and then we'll start work on the content.

Hi, I have completed Part 1 already, have been expecting the expansion part 2. As the released notes indicated: part 2 is added to the game. However, I m not sure where can i continue to part 2?... can someone guide me on this?

I am at the Chaos field and there is a cave... but i still cannot enter it. Is Part 2 officially released yet? Thanks.

Once you have defeated the Chaos Serpent, you can talk to the mirror in Valrika's Laboratory and this will begin part 2.

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