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MapleStory Frenzy Totem to RETURN to GMS?

May 30, 2024

MapleStory GMS players have seen a shock turnaround over the last few months in regards to MapleStory's content direction compared to the last two decades of game service and now there may even be a chance for the fabled Frenzy Totem item to make a return.

A new Inkwell note was posted on the MapleStory GMS website discussing the upcoming changes to the future of GMS MapleStory.

In the last note, Inkwell (who is now in charge of overseeing the MapleStory Western Project) announced for GMS to no longer follow KMS updates 1-to-1, instead following it's own path that would make sense to western gamers.

All of this came to ahead when KMS announced changes to it's service, which included adding a meso cap, removing Reboot's mesos multiplier and many other unpopular changes. After community uproar, Inkwell announced that these changes would not be coming to GMS.

Frenzy Totem Frenzy Totem Frenzy Totem

The new note touches on those details and also now talks about changes being made to Interactive Worlds (Regular Servers). Among the issues discussed, is the potential to see Frenzy Totem rereleased back in GMS:

A few alternatives are currently being reviewed, such as including Frenzy Totem again in the Marvel Machine or separately providing (via sale) items with similar features as the Frenzy Totem, plus other essential game goods.

This could mean we see the potential return of Frenzy Totem in GMS Regular servers. Currently, only a handful of players have access to the item, making the game very imbalanced for those who cannot use the item.

Frenzy Totem is a special item that was released via Cash Shop game mechanics such as Marvel Machine (players had to spend $ in order to obtain it). The item wasn't guaranteed, and many players spend hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars trying to obtain the item.

Frenzy Totem allows the player to increase the spawn of monsters on MapleStory maps. The spawn rate allows players to kill more mobs and in turn, earn more mesos, items and generally progress a lot faster than those who do not have the item.

The item was removed from MapleStory GMS Marvel Machine many years ago and since then the item has only been in the hands of select few users. It has since been sold on third-party marketplaces for thousands and thousands of dollars.

Among Inkwell's Note were a few other notable improvements coming to GMS:

  • Potential World Merge in September 2025
  • Review of Trade-Restricted items; Sol Erda Fragments becoming tradable in the next update
  • Revamped Maple Rewards Shop
  • Epic Dungeon: High Mountain coming in the next update
  • Grandis Familiars being added in the new update
  • New Thank-You Gift in game now!

This Inkwell Note comes off the back of criticism leveled at Nexon by the first level 300 player Niru, who live-streamed himself stopping at level 299 to 20,000 viewers in order to highlight many of the issues with GMS.

Surprisingly, many of the issues that Niru mentioned, including tradable Sol Erda Fragments and Frenzy Totem, were addressed in this Inkwell's Note. Niru didn't get a mention however.

Thank You

Don't forget to claim your new in-game rewards from the Event Hall. They include the following:

  • 2x Magnificent Growth Potion
  • Growth Potion Selection coupon
  • Experience Nodestone x10
  • Symbol Selector Coupon (x500)
  • Fairy BrosĀ  Damage Skin Box
  • Street Smart Sunglasses

Summer Update

MapleStory's next major update is the Summer Update, which is based on MapleStory's Dreamer Update from KMS. However, GMS will now have it's own version that won't follow the Dreamer update 1-to-1.

Interesting times ahead for MapleStory GMS!


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