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MapleStory: Niru STOPS leveling at 99.9% before reaching max level 300!

April 29, 2024

MapleStory player Niru caught users off-guard during a livestream where twenty-thousand plus live viewers tuned in to watch him reach Level 300.

Instead of reaching the max level in MapleStory, Niru ended his stream in protest, stating that MapleStory had many problems that he felt were being ignored by the developer's Nexon.

Niru has been streaming himself playing MapleStory for the past year, showing the extreme dedication needed to reach max level. He would have been the first player in the whole of MapleStory to reach the level cap of 300, beating players from other versions of the game, including the original KMS.

To reach Level 300, it takes hundreds of hours of killing the same monsters over and over again. Niru started level 299 in the middle of February 2024, and was finally about to reach max level after 2 months of grinding 10+ hours a day until he stopped.

Niru is known as a Twitch Streamer for MapleStory, often having a hundred or so viewers watching him grind the game. Niru plays a Bishop on Regular Servers in GMS Aurora and has been rank 1 on the game by a far margin for over a year.

With Niru closing in on the coveted Level 300 cap, many players tuned in to witness the event on Twitch. At one point Niru's stream spiked with over 20,000 viewers.


Embarrassingly, even GMS planned to host their own Twitch stream to showcase Niru hitting level 300:

Be prepared to witness history alongside the MapleStory Team! After our v.250 Mayple Island Update Preview Stream, we will be tuning in to watch Global MapleStory's very own Niru who will be the first player to reach Lv. 300! This is a historic moment and we are excited to see him cross the finish line. Prepare your Wealth Acquisition Potions and EXP Coupons, and tune into Niru's stream to be part of this unforgettable experience!

They even posted a notice in-game for players to tune in to watch the historic moment. Unfortunately for them, it didn't happen and instead Niru decided to list all the issues wrong with MapleStory in it's current state.

Niru's Main Issues with MapleStory

Upon reaching 99.993% of Level 299, Niru stopped playing MapleStory. He instead decided to talk about all the issues with MapleStory for 40-minutes, telling his thousands of viewers that the game just wasn't fun anymore for him.

The main issues Niru had concerned regular servers (non-reboot):

  • Merge the regular servers into one due to low population
  • Making Sol-Erda fragments tradeable (similar to KMS)
  • Making cubes dropped from bosses tradeable
  • Make reward shop items (RP) tradeable
  • Price of NX Cubes
  • Rerelease Frenzy Totem

The overall concerns were to make regular servers better by improving the economy. Regular servers allow trading, whereas Reboot (heroic) do not, so if most of the items that players need are either locked behind untradeable mechanics or too rare to be obtainable, there is not much point playing a regular server.

You can watch the full video on Niru's YouTube channel.

Will Niru eventually hit Level 300 in MapleStory?

So far Niru has stated he doesn't plan to play MapleStory until changes are made to the game.

The next closest player to Niru is only Level 295, which at the current rate of earning EXP means they are months away (if not years) from reaching Level 300. So Niru still has a bit of time before anyone challenges his #1 ranking.

GMS has yet to comment on Niru's complaints about regular servers. It's most likely they never will address it but with the recent announcement that Reboot Nerfs will not be coming to GMS, there might be hope that new changes can come to GMS that might make Niru want to start playing again.


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